‘It’s the season:’ Graduating students send pictures to Imee Marcos

April 1, 2019 - 6:19 PM
mee Marcos in her official Facebook profile
Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos in her Facebook profile.(Facebook/Imee Marcos)

Former and fresh grad students are sending pictures to the official Facebook page of senatorial candidate Imee Marcos as a reference to her questionable educational credentials.

The identity of the one who started the trend is undetermined, although Twitter user @Geloboy_ was among the first users to send his picture to her page. 

He included the name of the university he graduated from on his message, as well as his course and even his student number.

“What about u [you]?” @Geloboy_ asked.

A parody page also shared another graduation picture that was sent to the page of Marcos, although the identity of the sender was not disclosed.

This prompted other social media users to send their respective graduation pictures to the page as well, including viral “Mean Girls” dubber Macoy Averilla.

“Hi sis. Talaga namang it’s the season,” he wrote, referencing her answer in a DZMM interview where she was directly asked to confirm whether she graduated from Princeton University or not.

“Yes, tama po. Talagang it’s the season. Talagang eleksyon na eleksyon na kahit na hindi pa nagdedeklara ang COMELEC. Ginawa rin ‘yan kay Bongbong at sa mga iba pang nakikilala natin,” Marcos replied.

Others even sent a picture of Archer, a famous cat of De La Salle University, dressed in a toga and graduation cap.

He is considered the university’s unofficial mascot who recently “graduated” from the school after he was discovered to have medical issues.

Posted by Ericka Pingol on Saturday, March 30, 2019


The trend could be attributed to the graduation season in the country which is usually from March to April.

Imee Marcos and her ‘degrees’

Imee Marcos’ educational background have been consistently questioned after two prestigious universities revealed that she was never a graduate of their programs.

Princeton University and the University of the Philippines stated that she never graduated from their schools, despite the senatorial candidate’s insistence.

Marcos’ supporters even manipulated pictures to make it appear as if she was included in an edition of the state university’s yearbook.

Recently, two educational institutions debunked more claims on her curriculum vitae as well.

The Asian Institute of Management said that it never offered a program which was written on Marcos’ CV while California-based Santa Catalina School shared that she never earned a diploma from them.

Investigation on Marcos’ educational credentials began after an alleged report card on Reddit Philippines went viral. It was eventually discovered that she never earned degrees on some of the schools she claimed to have graduated from.