Young ‘Wowowin’ contestant appears on rival ‘It’s Showtime’ after viral greeting

July 16, 2019 - 1:39 PM
It's Showtime set
Set of ABS-CBN's daily noontime program, "It's Showtime." (Wikimedia Commons/Stock photo)

The young Kapamilya fan who shouted the famous catchphrase of “It’s Showtime” on the rival variety show “Wowowin” is given a second chance to exclaim it on the right television program.

Jed appeared in the opening minutes of ABS-CBN’s noontime show last Saturday and was asked to greet the audience and its viewers by one of its hosts.

He raised one of his arms and energetically declared, “What’s up, madlang people?”

This didn’t stop the hosts, however, from joking about his presence on “It’s Showtime” altogether as they recalled the unintentional blooper that made him momentarily famous on social media.

“Kamusta? Anong ginagawa mo dito?” one of the hosts asked him with amusement.

“So hindi ka naman naligaw, pumunta ka talaga dito?” another one said.

Jed affirmed his presence on the said particular noontime show and declared that he wanted to see actor and Hashtags member Ronnie Alonte.

Social media users were amused at his appearance, even calling him the “legendary child who defies the so-called network war.”

Others speculated that Jed might appear in “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” next since he previously mentioned in “Wowowin” that he is a fan of Coco Martin, the lead actor of the primetime drama.

The story of Jed

Jed became famous when a clip of his interaction with “Wowowin” host Willie Revillame became viral last June because of his remarks related to GMA‘s rival network, ABS-CBN.

The child, a contestant of the “Willie the Fortune” segment before, was asked by Revillame a few introductory questions about himself.

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When Jed started to namedrop talents from ABS-CBN in response to a question, the audience of “Wowowin” erupted into laughter.

He also admitted he likes actors Ronnie Alonte and Coco Martin, both talents of the rival network.

Revillame then asked the young contestant to greet his idols who might be watching at that time.

Jed didn’t hold back and exclaimed, “What’s up, madlang people!”

It is the famous catchphrase of “It’s Showtime” used by its hosts to greet the audience, usually at the start of the program.

Jed’s remarks expectedly amused Filipinos who are especially aware of the network rivalry. The moment has been immortalized on social media.

“It’s Showtime” is ABS-CBN’s program on the noontime slot while GMA airs “Wowowin” at the same time.

Both channels are considered the country’s biggest networks regularly involved in a rating and talent war.