The Philippines’ Supreme Court has a new Android app

July 19, 2019 - 5:48 PM
Supreme Court app
Cheif Justice Lucas Bersamin introduces the high court's first mobile application. (Supreme Court PIO/Released)

The Supreme Court launched its first-ever mobile application called “Supreme Court of the Philippines” to make judicial information such as issuance and names of justices easily accessible to the public.

Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin introduced this app to the public on July 19. It is now available only on Google Play Store for now. The iOS version is yet to be released.

The new app has four features—the Judiciary Memorabilia Hall, the Court Locator, the Lawyers’ List and the Supreme Court Directory.

Some features, however, have not yet been made available. Court spokesman Brian Hosaka said that users have to unlock some features through scanning QR codes installed at the Judiciary Memorabilia Hall in the High Court’s old building.

Hosaka hopes the public will be encouraged to visit the memorabilia hall every now and then.

The app was released after the high court’s official website was revamped.

The app features an organized electronic library or e-library that contains all the signed decisions and resolutions since 1996.

It also a repository for copies of judicial documents such as old and new laws, executive issuance, treaties and other relevant references such as election cases and manuals.

More features will be added in the future, Hosaka said, including updated information on its list of lawyers.