Earpods or earpod cases? Product details can deceive Filipino online shoppers

November 15, 2019 - 4:59 PM
Online shopper
A person browses in an online shopping portal. (Pixabay/Hannes Edinger)

The high expectations of online shoppers who participated in the 11.11 sale by ordering what they thought were earpods with cases were crushed when they finally received their packages.

Facebook user Kate Nicole Escobido shared screengrabs of people who left comments on a product’s page that had the description: “TPU Silicone Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Case for AirPods.”

It featured pictures of earpod cases in assorted colors, which led some consumers to assume that it came with earpods or Bluetooth-enabled wireless earphones.

Those who expected earpods to be included in the package were especially surprised, prompting them to leave scathing reviews on the page.


Posted by Kate Nicole Escobido on Tuesday, November 12, 2019


“Natanggap ko na ang items. Case lang? Ano naman gagawin ko (dito), pakain sa daga at ano naman ang paglalagyan ko ng case,” wrote an online shopper who was oblivious to the product’s description.

Another one suggested that the seller should exclude the earpods themselves in the product picture.

“Case lang pala siya, sana naman tanggalin niyo ‘yung earphone, kaka-disappoint kasi eh. Kala ko may laman,” he said.

Nevertheless, there were more discerning ones who shared that they were satisfied with the product and noted that their earpods fit in the cases perfectly.

Biggest day for online shoppers

On November 11, online shopping portals significantly dropped their prices in large percentages to celebrate “Singles Day” or Double Friday, an event that had its roots in China.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma thought of adopting it as a global shopping affair in which consumers can get excellent deals in their purchases over a 24-hour period.

E-commerce companies offer generous discounts of their products which Forbes has touted as “the largest shopping event in the world.”

Lazada, Shopee and Zalora were three of the online shopping portals in the Philippines that reached high social media engagements during the much-anticipated event.