‘Heaven’s Formula’: Batangas town mayor applies oil to constituents’ foreheads despite no scientific proof vs COVID-19

April 1, 2020 - 2:18 PM
Coconut oil with bowl
File photo of coconuts and coconut oil in a bowl. (Interaksyon/Peter C. Marquez)

The mayor of Lian, Batangas believes that applying oil called “Heaven’s Formula” to his constituents’ foreheads is one of the ways to prevent and beat COVID-19 infection despite it having no specific cure or treatment yet.

When asked of the measures he is implementing in the municipality amid the COVID-19 threat, 67-year-old Lian Mayor Isagani Bolompo said that he applies a certain oil to his constituent’s foreheads which includes coconut oil, garlic and calamansi.

“Heaven’s formula po iyan eh. Hindi naman po pilitan kung gustong gamitin,” Bolompo said in the interview with GMA News’ DZBB Super Radyo.

“Kaya sinabi kong heaven’s formula, ang mga medicinal plants, ang gumawa po niyan ay Panginoong Diyos katulad po ng coconut tree, kalamansi, luya, garlic. Lahat po iyan ay galing sa Diyos,” he added.

Bolompo shared that to create the so-called “Heaven’s Formula,” one may need a glass of oil, one piece of garlic and calamansi seeds and leaves.

The person also needs to apply the oil directly to his forehead three times and utter a short prayer, he added.

“Tatlong cross, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Kung wala kayong COVID, ang sasabihin ‘In Jesus’ name protect from COVID.’ Kung may COVID naman po kayo, ‘In Jesus’ name healed from COVID,'” the municipal mayor said.

He stressed that it is not “mandatory” for his residents to be applied with the oil.

Bolompo also addressed concerns on physical distancing and said that his arms are “long” enough to maintain distance from his constituents whenever he applies the oil.

“Mahaba naman ang aking kamay, may one meter po. Alam ko naman ‘yun. Ako po ay provincial health officer ng Batangas, 27 years ako sa Department of Health,” he said.

Despite this, Bolompo added that he respects the protocol of the government in observing precautionary measures against the virus and urged the public to “stay at home.”

The DOH advises people to be at least one meter apart from each other to prevent COVID-19 infection, which can be transmitted via droplets whenever an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Filipinos are also expected to observe strict home quarantine in light of the enhanced community quarantine imposed over the whole region of Luzon.

As of March 31 afternoon, Batangas has 31 cases of COVID-19 positive patients. The municipality of Lian has registered one case as of writing.

No cure for COVID-19 yet but trials and studies ongoing 

The initiative of Bolompo was criticized by some Filipinos who aired their concerns on social distancing and the supposed ability of the oil to prevent and treat COVID-19.

“Yung mayor ng Lian, Batangas ang gulo kausap. Sabing bawal may physical contact pero siya naglalagay ng oil sa noo ng mga tao niya para iwas COVID,” a Facebook user wrote.

“They shouldn’t be inciting these kinds of bruhaha! What if may namatay!” an online user from Twitter exclaimed.

The World Health Organization noted that there is currently “no evidence” on which medicines or therapies can cure COVID-19.

“While some western, traditional or home remedies may provide comfort and alleviate symptoms of COVID-19, there is no evidence that current medicine can prevent or cure the disease,” it said on its website.

“WHO does not recommend self-medication with any medicines, including antibiotics, as a prevention or cure for COVID-19,” it added.

The organization added that while there are no cures for the viral disease yet, there are “several ongoing clinical trials that include both western and traditional medicines.”

Former health secretary and herbal medicine advocate Jaime Galvez Tan previously shared that the public can boost their immune system through natural remedies while there is still no known cure for the virus.

He suggested that one can drink a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil once to three times a day.

ANCX reported that the National University of Singapore is currently exploring certain components of the virgin coconut oil and its anti-viral properties as a possible treatment for COVID-19.