From ‘DDS Confessions’ to ‘Youth Against Modern Tyrants’: India-based FB page changes name and purpose after online threats

May 19, 2020 - 12:46 PM
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An India-based Facebook page that was initially dedicated to the alumni of Daisy Dales Senior Secondary School (DDS) changed its name and purpose following the online harassment it encountered from supposed Filipino supporters of the Duterte administration.

The page, initially named “DDS Confessions,” on Monday changed its name to “Youth Against Modern Tyrants” or YAMT after its handler claimed that it received significant number of spam messages and threats for being mistakenly associated with another page that exposed the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Disclaimer: I know how much you guys like the jokes but humor will be minimal, this is serious business,” Maverick, the pseudonym of the admin of the now-YAMT page, said in a recent post.

Maverick added that receiving hundreds of spams and threats have prompted him to reveal that he has been “following the political structure of the world for a few months.”

He shared that he noticed “tyrannical leaders have grown vastly in the past half decade” and enumerated names like American President Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Duterte.

rodrigo duterte
President Rodrido Roa Duterte held a meeting with the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) on May 4, 2020 via Facebook (PCOO/Released)

“The worst part is, in all these countries, a good chunk of the population understands that what’s happening is inherently wrong and is a gross violation against human rights but they are not organised and their voices are not heard,” Maverick continued.

He then said that the “sane” youth from countries which he claimed have tyrannical leaders are aware of the supposed oppressive policies.

“Don’t get me wrong—we will fight but with facts & logic. We will fight with a new name and a focused goal. We will fight all over the world. The name will be—YOUTH AGAINST MODERN TYRANTS – YAMT. This page will become the HQ (headquarters) for YAMT this Monday,” Maverick added.

He enumerated some of the new goals of the page, which is to “fight stupidity and racist mindset,” “educate those who have been brainwashed” and make the supposed dictators “feel the loss of power.”

“Remember most of the people who support these tyrants are not bad—they’re just misinformed or let’s say ‘sick’. WE will fix them. These corrupt a**holes brought the fight to us. WE the YAMT will bring the WAR to them!” Maverick said.

The profile picture and the header of the page have also been changed to reflect the page’s new goals.

Disclaimer: I know how much you guys like the jokes but humor will be minimal, this is serious business.Hi…

Posted by Youth Against Modern Tyrants on Saturday, May 16, 2020


From confessions page to resistance movement

Last week, the admin of the page—which was previously known as “DDS Confessions”—revealed that it might get taken down since it was mass reported by the diehard supporters of Duterte or “DDS” who mistook it for another page that exposed them.

Social media accounts bearing similar names were found on Twitter and Facebook but their purpose were different from the India-based page.

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The Twitter account, “DDS Confessions,” exposes supporters of Duterte “who openly support rape, killings, and apathy,” among others.

A Facebook page with the name “DDS Confessions Archives” also exists which posts memes and other graphics criticizing Duterte’s policies.

Meanwhile, the India-based page which bears a similar name prior to its name change was established for the purpose of sourcing posts submitted by Daisy Dales Secondary School’s alumni, although it was not officially affiliated with the school itself.