Pacquiao’s son Michael trends for rapping skills but some people think his friend should gain more exposure

July 8, 2020 - 8:04 PM
Michael Pacquiao on this photo uploaded on his Facebook page on May 29. 2020 (left) and Michael Bars on this photo uploaded on his Instagram account on Sept. 21, 2019 (right).

The second son of Sen. Manny Pacquiao topped the local trending list of Twitter Philippines for lending his vocal talent to the song “Pac-Man.”

Michael Pacquiao, the politician-boxer’s son, gained traction on local Twitter Tuesday night after he performed a “lit” rap song with his rapper friend Michael Bars.

The song was mostly performed by Bars.

“Hey guys this was a collab with my friend,” Pacquiao said in the description part of the YouTube link that featured their song.

He also included a link to Bars’ Instagram account to give him recognition.

The rap song was uploaded on June 5 but it only gained attention on Tuesday night after some online users praised it for its fresh sound and wholesome lyrics devoid of “racial slurs” and words  like “hoes.”

It has since earned more than one million streams and 50,000 likes on YouTube as of this writing.

Another Twitter user commented that the younger Pacquiao is “not here to punch a person” but to “punch ’em bars.”

The song was inspired by none other than his father, who has constantly placed the Philippines in global spotlight for his boxing prowess.

The younger Pacquiao only performed the first verse of the song but it was his name that trended on the microblogging platform.

This prompted other online users to point out that Bars should’ve been given more recognition by the public since he was the one who mostly “spits fire.”

A Twitter user claimed that Pacquiao only performed the part from “00:47 to 01:10.”

“Sorry guys, but Michael Pacquiao’s part in Pac-Man song is from 00:47 to 01:10 only (correct me if I’m wrong.) The rest is Michael Bars. But definitely he is a good singer you can check his own songs. He’s really good tho,” she said.

“Not to invalidate Michael Pacquiao but Bars should’ve gotten more attention and credit HAHAH everyone tot (thought) it was Pacquiao who was rapping the whole time,” another online user noted.

“B-but Michael Bars deserves more recognition than Michael Pacquiao tho 🙁 but good job for the both of them,” wrote another Twitter user.

Bars is a musician whose rap album, “Royal Rumble,” features two songs where he collaborated with the younger Pacquaio.

One track is “Pac-Man” while the other is titled “Head in the Clouds.”

Not much is known about him but his Instagram reveals his passion for performing rap songs.