This quiz will reveal if you are a certified TikToker

October 2, 2020 - 4:15 PM
This composite photo shows content creators Mimiyuuuh, Jen Barangan, Marvin Fojas (TikTok/Released)

Since it was launched in the Philippines in 2016, TikTok has become the go-to resource for all things trending and has recently become a daily part of the lives of many Filipinos especially during the quarantine period.

The platform has influenced present pop culture so much that it would be tough to find anyone who has never heard of it or seen any content from the app.

While many Filipinos are joining the app, how many can actually call themselves, Certified TikTokers?

This quick quiz that can help you determine how much you truly know about the different hashtag challenges and trends that started on the platform, and how immersed you are in the world of TikTok.

Do you qualify as a certified TikToker?

Check out the different TikTok videos below, and give yourself points for every trend and challenge that you have heard of or tried, following this simple scoring system:

  • Give yourself 1 POINT for each trend that you know about or have watched
  • You get 2 POINTS for every trend or challenge that you have shared your own version of, on TikTok
  • You score 3 POINTS if you’ve done the challenge or trend as a duet with another creator

Plus, get a 10-POINT BONUS

  1. Hand Gestures 
  2. Woah 
  3. My Heart Went Oops 

    Jay-R, Rojean Viel, Barbie Imperial (TikTok/Released)
  4. #wipeitdown 
  5.  #talachallenge 
  6.  #mrsandman 
  7. Baby Here Boy 

    Sarah Lahbati, Vivore. Jade13tr, Rain Lacumba (TikTok/Released)
  8. #facezoom
  9. #cooldrop 
  10. #savagelove 
  11. Renegade

    Tony Labrusca, Yanyan De Jesus, Dani Barrett and Arshielife (TikTok/Released)
  12.  Blinding Lights
  13.  Say So
  14. Something Newwww
  15.  It Really Hurts 

    Derek Houg, Andree Bonifacio, Mimiyuuuh (TikTok/Released)
  16.  #roseschallenge
  17. #supalonely
  18. #whatidwear
  19. #boredinthehouse  

    3P, Savira Gunaw, Camille Co, Vice Ganda (TikTok/Released)
  20.  #savage
  21.  #fliptheswitch
  22. #mariachallenge  

    Kate Valdes, Wil Dasovich, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Marvin Fojas (TikTok/Released)
  23. #popcornduet
  24. #emojiimitation
  25. #chinitagirl

    Zendee, Yassi Pressman, Edgar Allan Guzman (TikTok/Released)
  26. #marikitdancechallenge
  27. #videoreply
  28. #catriona 

    Magic Mannex, Jen Barangan, Kurt Bautista (TikTok/Released)
  29. #pictureinpicture
    Rodjun Cruz, Kuya Ching (TikTok/Released)
    Here are the results:
    Your score: 0 to 30 points – TIKTOK ENTHUSIAST
    You’ve seen your friends do it, and you may even have downloaded the app yourself. You definitely know what TikTok is all about. Keep checking out what’s trending, and try sharing a few more videos of your own. You’ll become a master in no time!Your score: 31 to 70 points – MASTER TIKTOKER
    You don’t just enjoy browsing content, but you also like sharing your own videos on TikTok. You spend enough time on the app to be able to keep up with trending challenges and your favorite creators. You likely have a growing following of your own already, too!Your score: 71 to 100 points – CERTIFIED TIKTOK LEGEND
    No hashtag challenge gets past you. You’ve tried them all, and maybe even created some of your own. TikTok is your go-to space for creative expression, and you love being part of this awesome community. Your next step – Go viral!