Because misting is amiss: Manila-based firm launches eco-friendly disinfection system

October 13, 2020 - 10:52 AM
Photo from JP Marzan

A popular logistics provider in the Philippines launched a new disinfection system against the novel coronavirus using a more eco-friendly and healthier solution for businesses and organizations in places under general community quarantine.

The GCQ, which had been imposed since last August, is the more relaxed version of quarantine where more businesses and modes of public transport are allowed to resume at limited capacity.

Logistics provider JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc. announced that its disinfection system uses Marella Water, an electrolyzed hypochlorous acid, which is applied using two primary devices—the Micro-Mist System and the Nano-Mist System.

Electrolyzed hypochlorous acid is a solution composed of pure salt and water.

JP Marzan stated that unlike other disinfectants, Marella Water has a 99.9% disinfection capability from the virus that causes COVID-19 and also safe for both humans and animals.

It can also be used against the norovirus, bacteria and microbes and other viruses that alcohol could not disinfect.

“Most disinfectants used here in the Philippines mostly contain Sodium Hypochlorite and other chemicals that could endanger their health. So, we researched how to make disinfectants safer for people to use, which became Marella Water,” said Yusuke Kondo, a supervisor at JP Marzan Project Ventures, Inc.

In terms of application, the Micro-Mist System is a humidifier that can spread 4.7 liters of Marella water per hour. The spray also covers around 150 square meters of surface.

The Nano-Mist System, meanwhile, is a backpack spraying device with a “nano” mist nozzle. This is used to spray specific spots or areas of surfaces.

JP Marzan managed to demonstrate the use of this new technology at the opening of the Fukudaya Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The company stated that Marella Water and all the equipment are imported from Japan. Their staff are well-trained to use it.

Their services are now available in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna and Batangas while businesses from other provinces can also contact the company for inquiries.

“We believe that we all need to work together to thrive and achieve success in the long run. Our new disinfection service shows our mission to deliver success to our clients through trustworthy partnerships and services, especially during these dire times when ensuring employees’ safety who are the backbone of every business will determine success,” said Jay Marzan, chairman of JP Marzan Project Ventures, Inc.

Health organizations previously cautioned against large-scale misting or spraying to disinfect public spaces and surfaces from the deadly pathogen.

Months after, last week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines that recognized the new virus is airborne and can be transmitted even in air-conditioned spaces, contrary to previous claims.