Another voice talent in the family: Inka Magnaye introduces ‘elusive’ radio DJ brother Renzo

December 15, 2020 - 12:01 PM

Voice artist Inka Magnaye recently introduced another member of her family with talented voices, her brother named Renzo.

Inka, who has a podcast called “Sleeping Pill with Inka,” made headlines after she revealed through a TikTok video that she and her mother Lindy had been the in-flight voice over artist for the Philippine Airlines for many years.

In a TikTok video on Sunday, Inka initially made a recap of her voice talent relatives whom she introduced in the past via the same video-sharing platform.

They are Lindy; her father, who was a DJ on air; her aunt Neneng Magnaye Arceo, who was the voice behind the iconic MTRCB advisory; her uncle, who was also the voice behind a TV commercial and her sister.

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She then presented her brother Renzo, who is also a radio host on  99.5 Play FM, where Inka also worked as a disk jockey for eight years.

“Finally, after months, you get to meet (AND HEAR) the most elusive member of my family: my brother,” Magnaye wrote in the caption.

The video clip garnered more than 221,500 views, 22,800 likes and 2,500 retweets on Twitter.

The reactions in the comments section were also filled with witty remarks about what it would be like to dine with the Magnaye family.

Inka also responded to some of them.

When one user asked about their American accent, she replied that a neutral American accent is normal if they grew up watching foreign cartoons.

She also shared some trivia about the voice-over industry when she quote-retweeted some users.

When a user quipped about her family being a “dynasty” in the industry, Inka disclosed that they all underwent blind auditions to get their parts.

During her auditions before, Inka recalled that her father would change her name to avoid “nepotism.”

“In fact, my dad is so afraid of nepotism that when there were projects I would audition for that weren’t blind auditions (the few times that would happen), he would purposely change my name to make sure clients don’t make the connection and choose based on sound instead of name!” she said.

In another tweet, Inka also said that a voice artist’s name is not credited for projects in the TV and radio advertisements, unlike voice actors in films.

“In the VO industry, your name doesn’t really matter in a project because there aren’t any credits. ‘Brad Pitt is in this movie!’ Helps pull people to watch it, but that doesn’t apply for TV and radio ads. People don’t care. So it’s really down to if your voice fits or not,” she said.

Aside from being a voice artist, Inka had been known for her TikTok videos in the past and had teamed up with influencers such as Mark Averilla or Macoy Dubs and Dora Dorado, among others.

Inka’s podcast also was among the most streamed podcasts on streaming platform Spotify Philippines this year, according to its 2020 wrapped.