Musicians Keiko Necesario-Cubil, Coeli San Luis share inspirations for Twitter’s #NewYearNewList

January 15, 2021 - 2:12 PM
Keiko Necesario and Coeli San Luis
Keiko Necesario shares a picture of her taken in 2017 in this photo posted on her Instagram on April 23, 2020 (left) and Coeli San Luis in this photo posted on her Instagram on Nov. 10, 2020 (right).

Music artists Keiko Necesario-Cubil and Coeli San Luis shared their inspirations and goals for 2021 in Twitter’s #NewYearNewList campaign that aims to help users motivate themselves to achieve their new year’s goals.

Necesario-Cubil shared her list with the title “My 2021 Inspirations” where she curated accounts from the microblogging platform that give her inspiration and motivation when she creates her music.

Some accounts included in her list are music channel Myx Philippines, music publication Bandwagon, an account sharing interior design ideas and one posting about God’s words.

Necesario-Cubil is an artist with a record Warner Music Philippines. She has a YouTube cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” that was featured in a British drama series in 2019.

She has spent eight years in the independent scene before signing up with a record label.

Another songwriter, San Luis, also shared her own version of her #NewYearNewList where she listed her goals for 2021 and accounts of artists, musicians, individuals and groups that give her inspiration.

Some personalities included in her list are writer-performer Juan Miguel Severo, Akbayan youth chairperson RJ Naguit and “G Talks” host Dr. Gia Sison.

San Luis is a folk-pop singer-songwriter who can play the cello and guitar.

She is known for addressing mental health in her tunes and has inspired some of her Instagram followers to seek professional help.

Other personalities who also joined the #NewYearNewList campaign are gamers Alexa Asahina and Een Mercado and artist Cyrill Acuna.

Twitter’s #NewYearNewList is a campaign in which the platform has partnered with creators across Southeast Asia to share their New Year’s resolutions and the people that inspire them in their everyday lives.

“From January 13-15, they will also encourage and help guide people on how they can create their own Twitter Lists to include accounts that can help motivate them to achieve their new year’s goal. To pass on their inspirations to each other, they also encourage them to Tweet out their lists,” Twitter said in a release.

“With Twitter Lists, it not only helps you stay updated with your motivation but it also connects you with like-minded people to share some ideas to achieve goals together,” the platform added.

Users can create their own list under the hashtag to keep themselves inspired throughout the year. They can also tag Twitter Philippines if they want to share their lists.