From samgyup to veggies to ointments: Unique bouquets you can give to your beau on Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2021 - 12:11 PM
This composite photo shows K-foods, pinakbet and samgyup bouquets. (Facebook Big G Family Mart and Valdez Shop)

It seems like the traditional flower bouquet is a thing of the past.

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, some businesses innovated their offerings and came up with unique bouquets that their patrons can give to their loved ones.

Pinakbet bouquet

A store based in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte called Valdez Flower Shop is offering customized bouquets wherein customers can request different items to arrange in a bouquet other than flowers.

The most popular one is the “pinakbet bouquet” filled with a variety of vegetables, also pakbet ingredients.

Money bouquet

The similar shop also customized the traditional flower bouquet and added cash for their “money bouquet.”

Antipasto bouquet

Lorie’s Antipasto Platters, a shop specializing on  platters, grazing boards, and grazing tables services, is now selling an “antipasto bouquet” for Valentine’s Day.

Instead of flowers, the arrangement includes Italian meat skewers with green olives, cheese bites, premium chocolates and other products.

“Presenting our Limited Edition ‘Amore’ Valentine Bouquet Antipasto inspired by the traditional bouquet of flowers given on V-Day!” the post read.


Samgyup or K-foods bouquet

For K-Drama and K-Pop fans, a convenient store Big G Family Mart is offering two kinds of bouquet “Sam-G” and “K-foods” bouquet.

The first bouquet was inspired by the popular food trend “Korean barbecue,” popularly known in the Philippines as “samgyupsal.” It is filled with samgyeopsal or pork belly, lettuce, other side dishes like kimchi and potato marble, while the second bouquet contains various convenient store items from South Korea including noodles and snacks.


Meanwhile, Pandayan Bookshop is also offering customized bouquets.

One of their offerings was designed for students who wish to gift their teachers for their hard work in distance learning.

“Mabuhay! Sa mga nais magpagawa ng kakaiba at unique na bouquet, maaaring magsadya sa pinakamalapit na Pandayan Bookshop branch sa inyong lugar para mag-inquire,” the post read.

One Facebook user recently shared a photo of a bouquet filled with Katinko products and roses from her students.

A plushies store called “Plushies for sale” also created a bouquet full of stuffed toys.

“Pwede po magpacustomize. Pwede palitan yung abaka and mulberry paper if gusto niyo,” the user said.

As of writing, these shops are still accepting pre-orders for Valentine’s Day, on Sunday.