Bayanihan for a dog: Pet lovers send money, love to nearly killed ‘Joey’

February 19, 2021 - 7:26 PM
A photo of the dog named Joey via Facebook (The Pawssion Project/Released)

Filipino animal lovers and other concerned citizens provided financial aid to help a dog who was nearly killed by a stranger, according to a rescue group for dogs.

In a Facebook post on Friday, animal advocate PAWSsion Project thanked the public for the “prayers, emotional and financial support” they gave to a dog named Joey and his owners.

The non-government organization also shared photos of Joey.

“Thank you all so much for showering Joey with so much love. Please continue keeping him in your prayers. Special thanks to our dear volunteers Mox for coordinating with Kuya Bok regarding Joey’s situation, and Elena for personally visiting Joey and dropping off groceries and supplies for Kuya Bok and his family” the group wrote.

“Thanks to everyone’s help aside from settling Joey’s vet bills, we were able to provide them with additional supplies! Oh how we love the power of collective effort (heart emoji). May God bless you all a thousand folds!” it added.


Last February 16, PAWSsion project shared that Joey who was described as “deeply loved” by his owners and their neighbors, was hacked to near death by a stranger.

They also sought cash donations for him and provided bank account details where the public can send financial help.

The post immediately circulated across the platform with over 3,800 shares, 7,000 reactions and 737 comments.

What happened?

The story follows a supposed to be ordinary work day of the Joey’s owner named “Kuya Bok” when someone attacked the dog from behind.

The dog was severely hurt and couldn’t defend himself.

The post did not mention where the incident occured. It only stated that it happened in a “secluded place.”

The narration was written in the first person point of view of the dog with an informal style of writing.

“I was just minding my own business, thinking how lovely the world is, and how much I love hoomans, and the treats I’ll be getting once Kuya Bok comes home from work, when suddenly someone decided to hack me from behind with a sharp object,” read the story.

“I didn’t even see who it was. I wasn’t even given the chance to defend myself. I was in a secluded area when this happened, and I thought I was done for,” it added.

Joey’s siblings, his owners’ other dogs, saved him, the post said.

While Joey is still traumatized by what happened, the PAWSsion team and the dog’s owners will support him until he is fully recovered and make sure that the incident will not happen to him again.

“He remains to be traumatized from what happened (who wouldn’t be?), and appears so so scared even after arriving home. Let’s continue hoping that Joey soon realizes he’s loved by so so many, and that Kuya Bok, along with the Pawssion Project Team will try our best to ensure no harm comes his way ever again!” the post read.

Filipinos continued to pour positive messages for the dog in the comments section.

“Sending hugs and kisses Joey!! Praying for your speedy recovery!” one user said.

Another user hoped that the person who harmed Joey will be found soon.

“Everyone gets their own karma, good or bad. And sana worse pa sa gumawa nyan. Masama maghangad ng di maganda sa iba pero sa mga walang kaluluwa na gumawa nyan, they deserve only but the worst in their lifetime,” another wrote.