Looking for ‘Founding Titan?’ Laguna island resort called ‘Paradis’ has some answers

February 23, 2021 - 7:50 PM
A photo of the Paradis Island Philippines via (Paradis Island PH/Facebook)

An island for rent in Laguna joined in the “Attack on Titan” craze and responded to online users referencing its property to a similar place in the popular Japanese anime.

In jest, the island resort called Paradis Island Philippines clarified on Monday, that there are no Titans or humanoid flesh-eating creatures in their property.

“Maraming kumakalat na balita online na ang Founding Titan ay nasa Paradis Island PH at itinatago daw namin ito. Sa mga hindi po nakakaalam, ang Founding Titan ay na kay Eren Yeager na, kasama ng Attack Titan at War Hammer Titan,” the post read.

“Kami ay isang inosenteng isla lamang sa isang lake sa Laguna at walang kinalaman sa mga Titans. (crying emoji),” it added.


The resort also attached an edited photo of the scenic tourist destination with a graphic of the fictional monster.

“Maaari po kayong magpabook sa amin ng inyong events ngayong summer, masisiguro po naming magiging masaya at enjoyable ang inyong stay (at wala pong Titan na mambubulabog),” the post continued.

In the “Attack on Titan” series, Eren, his adoptive sister Mikasa and their friend Armin joins a group of soldiers in direct combat against the titans, a race of massive monsters that had lived for thousands of years.

These Titans originate from and reside in a massive island called Paradis Island, which was the tourist destination’s namesake.

The post immediately gained more than 5,900 reactions and circulated more than 3,000 times on the platform.

Fans of the animated series filled the comments section with photos and gifs of the “Attack on Titan” characters.

Others joined in the humor.

“Magpalagay na po kayo ng pader, please,” one user said.

“Hindii. Isa itong propaganda. Ilabas nyo ang Founding Titan,” another said.

Before this post, the Department of Transportation also previously referenced another character in the popular apocalyptic fiction, which was, the Cart Titan.

The height of the Cart Titan was likened to the size of the cutter head equipment that will be used to construct the Metro Manila Subway, an ambitious infrastructure project that is expected to be completed in 2026.