In time for campaign season? Doubts vs Nas Daily’s plan to build Philippine office

March 12, 2021 - 4:25 PM
Nas Daily Team
Nas Daily team in this photo shared from its Facebook page on March 11, 2021. (Photo from Nas Daily Tagalog via Facebook)

Speculations of alleged involvement in campaign period were floated after popular content producer “Nas Daily” announced that his team is looking for “talented” Filipino video makers.

The group, known for its one-minute videos, is particularly looking for creatives who “know how to edit or shoot.”

“Send me one video you are proud of. If we like it, we will send you a Zoom link to join us online for a video hackathon!” the post read.

Aspiring video makers also need to edit a one-minute video for them within 24 hours.

“I’ve always wanted to open an office in the Philippines, and this will be the first step of many! Let’s work together!” Nas Daily Tagalog said.

The Facebook post has so far gained 19,000 likes and reactions, 2,300 comments and 2,200 shares on the social networking platform so far.


Filipinos wasted no time tagging their friends in the comments section to let them know of the opportunity.

However, it did not receive a similar reception on Twitter where some social media users raised their suspicions about the job posting and the group’s intentions to establish an office in the country.

“Smells like campaign period,” a Twitter user commented in response to the reports.

“Here comes the campaign season. ‘Open PH office’ funded by the boxer? Or the dictator’s son po?” another online user claimed.

“Boxer” refers to Sen. Manny Pacquiao while former senator Bongbong Marcos, who intends to run in the 2022 national elections, is the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“Election season na talaga,” another online user commented.

“PINOY BAITING. Just in time for the upcoming 2022 elections. Kanino kaya siya naka-contrata?” a different Filipino claimed.

Palestinian-Israeli vlogger Nuseir Yassin, who founded Nas Daily, was previously criticized by local Twitterverse for featuring boxer turned Sen. Manny Pacquiao in his platform last year.

“Whaaa – Manny Pacquiao and I had the most amazing and honest conversation. We talked about everything – and we met for the first time ever. I think you will LOVE this conversation with Manny,” he shared on Nas Daily’s Facebook in December 2020.

Some Filipinos called him out for “promoting” the boxer-politician who has been associated with his previous poor attendance in plenary sessions and controversial stances on same-sex marriage and death penalty.

“Yuck, bye @nasdaily. Thanks for promoting a homophobic, misogynist, supporter of an incompetent president. Thank you for using your reach to perpetuate personality politics,” a Twitter user said before.

“Yuck @nasdaily. WE FILIPINOS DESERVE BETTER,” another online user commented.

Pacquiao revealed to the vlogger that he regretted entering politics after being in the scene for almost a decade.

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Nas Daily, who has millions of followers on Facebook, has featured the Philippines in its content numerous times.

He later set a Tagalog page solely for his Filipino fans.

The vlog in 2019 received a plaque of recognition and certificate from the Department of Tourism for promoting the country in its videos.

In his videos, Nas Daily said he is expanding globally. Currently, it has physical offices in Singapore and Dubai.