Overweight PNP officers remind international Reddit users of Wall-E passengers

March 12, 2021 - 7:35 PM
This March 2021 photo shows PNP Chief Police Chief Debold Sinas working out with other cops. (PNP/Facebook)

A video clip of the Philippine National Police’s weight loss program reached an international forum on Reddit whose users likened the Filipino cops to characters of Disney’s “Wall-E.”

The PNP, under the leadership of Major General Debold Sinas, launched another weight loss program on March 4 in line with the observance of World Obesity Day called “Chubby Anonymous” project.

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Obesity is also among the underlying health conditions that can highly progress with the deadly virus which causes COVID-19, thus a factor in not receiving a vaccine shot.

Comparisons with Wall-E

In a cross-post on subreddit Philippines on March 11, a screenshot of overweight police officers conducting a routine was juxtaposed to a snapshot of a scene in “Wall-E” that featured adorable babies.

“When animation gets a live show,” the Reddit user quipped in the caption.

When animation gets a live show from Philippines

The first screenshot was captured from an episode of GMA’s “Stand for Truth” program which was posted on Facebook on March 8.

“Ang mga obese at overweight na police officer, sasabak na sa ‘Chubby Anonymous’ project para tulungan silang magbawas ng timbang! Pinangunahan ito ni PNP Chief Debold Sinas na nabawasan na raw ng 55 lbs matapos sumailalim sa strict diet,” the post read.


The overweight cops apparently resemble the corpulent human characters in Wall-E.

Disney’s animated science fiction follows the adventures of a cleaning robot named Wall-E who met another robot and falls in love with her.

The highlight of the movie, however, was the passengers of “Axiom” who grew large in size due to microgravity and laziness.

The original Reddit poster shared such juxtaposed editing to the larger forum called Blursed Images.

The forum boasts of 1.9 million members and has a witty description, saying: “Home of the most blursed images on the internet.”

To the community members, “Blursed” is a coined word between “blessed” and “cursed,” thus images submitted there have to exhibit or illustrate both traits.

Under the comments of the original post, Reddit users also lamented the physical fitness of these Filipino police officers.

“When you realized that PNP has more obese cops than America,” one user said.

“I mean they were an American and Spanish territory at some point. Spanish food and American indulgence sounds like a bad combo,” another said.

This is not the first time PNP members were compared to the humans in “Wall-E.”

Three days ago, a Reddit user also shared a video clip from the same program and said: “Ang cute, parang yung nasa Wall-E.”

Ang cute, parang yung nasa Wall E from Philippines

Concerns about weight are among the prevailing problems within the police organization.

Former PNP officer-in-charge Lieutenant General Archie Gamboa previously stated that almost half of the 190,000 police officers are either overweight or obese.