‘DM ko sa’yo voter’s ID ko’: Filipino priest TikTok creator shrugs off political views critics

March 23, 2021 - 3:16 PM
A photo of Fr. Fiel Pareja via Facebook (Fr. Fiel Pareja/Facebook)

A Filipino priest who is also a popular TikTok content creator shared that he will continue to use his platform for politics despite messages discouraging him to do so.

Fr. Fiel Pareja, who has over 1.3 million followers on TikTok, expressed this on Twitter on Sunday, March 21.

“Huwag daw ako sumali sa usapang pulitika pari raw ako pang misa lng daw ako. Sige, DM ko sayo voter’s ID ko,” Pareja said.

“Jesus calls out an ‘unjust’ society during his time. I’m a Christian, I am Christ’s follower. Shout out to lukewarm Christians na hanggang paiyak-iyak lang sa worship (eye emoji),” he added.

In another tweet, Pareja also slammed those who support violent acts and claim to be religious.

“Walang kuwenta ang pa-Amen, Hallelujah mo if you keep a blind eye to what’s happening around you; if you support injustices, corruption and killings! Paiyak-iyak with matching raise your arms pa paglabas sa church e wapakels?” he said.

“That’s not faith! That’s LIE! Walk the talk bro/sis,” he added.

The priest also went on and recognized the struggles of keeping the religious faith under difficult times.

“Indeed, it’s a challenge to be a good Christian. Pero kaya natin! If Jesus is who we follow talaga and not the ‘pastor’, then why are we afraid to be the voice of Christ on this wounded world? If you hold on to His promise to be with you and fight for you why fear?” Pareja said.

The priest did not mention names on his posts. Still, the reactions were mostly sentiments of shock and praises for his progressive views.

“The takeaway is: Do not misconstrue the ‘separation of church and state’ with ‘dereliction of civil duty, no matter the affiliate’,” one user said.

“I won’t even call them lukewarm, Father. Saint Paul described superficial Christians as no better than ‘tinkling brass or sounding cymbals.’ Faith without action, empathy, and rectitude is un-Christian, pure and simple,” another wrote.  

Some Filipinos, meanwhile, hoped that more Catholic priests could be more vocal as Pareja.

“Dapat ganyan din ang panawagan sa kaparian na nagbubulag-bulagan tungkol sa mga sexual harassment at misconduct sa loob ng simbahan. dapat ganyan din kayo kaingay,” one user wrote.

In an interview with Reportr, Pareja, who hails from Pampanga, shared that he was among other Filipinos who saw TikTok as a place to cope from the challenges of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

He only opened his account last May 2020.

“Technology itself are God’s gifts, and we can utilize and use these talents that God has given us, this gift that God has given us into something positive,” Pareja said.

Sa panahon na ang mga tao, naka-cellphone lahat, sa panahon na meron lahat Facebook at social media accounts ang mga tao, we can reach the people through social media, we can proclaim the gospel, the good news, he added.

His videos ranged from preaching the Gospel, finding work for workers who lost their jobs and into helping others who need financial support.