‘Should I skip the line cause my brother is mayor?’ Here’s Vico Sotto half-bro’s reply to the question

April 13, 2021 - 6:21 PM
LA Mumar and Vico Sotto
LA Mumar in this photo shared on his Twitter on April 13, 2021 (left) and Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto speaking at a public event in this photo from his Facebook page on February 2021 (right).

The half-brother of Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addressed those who are questioning why he and his wife have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 yet despite bearing a connection to the local chief executive.

“I rarely post anything political but to all of you asking or wondering why my wife and I have NOT BEEN VACCINATED YET since my brother is the Mayor. My mom didn’t skip the line, Vico didn’t skip the line, why would I?” LA Mumar¬†said in an Instagram story.

“Sabi, ok lang ‘yan kasi life and death daw? So what? Shouldn’t we hold on to our values more, when things are difficult? What will I tell my children? It’s ok to do something illegal because it’s convenient?” he added.

“My 3 boys are watching me, people around are watching and most importantly, God is too. I’m not a Mayor like my bro, but we can do our part and choose what is right. One person, one family at a time. THERE IS HOPE FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!” he further said.

Mumar, also the head coach of Ateneo de Manila University’s women’s basketball team, in a tweet claimed he has no plans of running for office.

Mumar’s tweet has earned more than 4,400 likes on the microblogging platform as Filipinos lauded him for his action.

When a Twitter user told him that he gives them “hope,” the collegiate coach said that he is “just an ordinary citizen” and “not a mayor” like his brother.

“I think in our small way, we can all create change in this nation!” Mumar added.

Sotto previously assured his constituents that the city government is not giving special treatments when it comes to vaccination against COVID-19.

He said that their mother, veteran actress Coney Reyes, has not been inoculated yet despite being a senior citizen with comorbidities.

“Strictly, no walk-in… Pinipilit natin na maging maayos ‘yung sistema… Kung nagkukumpulan tayo, baka doon pa magkahawahan,” Sotto said before.

“Nanay ko nga mismo, hindi pa nababakunahan,” he added.

“Lumalabas pa siya ‘pag may trabaho. Pero walang palakasan. Dumaan po sa tamang proseso. Nag-fill up siya ng form,” the city chief further said.

“Hinihingi niya pa nga sa’kin ‘yung link. Sabi ko, ‘Tingnan mo na lang sa PIO (Public Information Office), Ma, kung saan ‘yung link,” he shared.

Pasig aims to innoculate about 60 to 70 percent of its population against COVID-19.