Pasig police’s headquarters earns ‘five star’ review on Google from alleged curfew violator

April 15, 2021 - 11:55 AM
Pasig City Police Headquarters
A view of the Pasig City Police Headquarters, Pasig City. (Photo from Elmer B. Domingo, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

An individual gave the Pasig City Police Headquarters a five-star review on Google after having a “really nice experience” when he was detained for a night.

Google user “strawboinic gaming” claimed of being detained overnight nine months ago—around July of last year—for violating the curfew hours imposed in the city at that time.

Metro Manila was under general community quarantine during that period.

“The officers (on) duty were really nice and polite. The jail cell was spacious and they practice social distancing inside, although the smell inside wasn’t very nice,” the Google user wrote.

“The food (that) they provide is also ok. The rice is not NFA and the viand is freshly cooked. Some of the inmates were also friendly. I had a really nice experience in here. 5 stars!” the review continued.

NFA rice refers to the rice from the National Food Authority, which has faced quality issues in the past.

Pasig City Police Headquarters
Screenshot of a five-star review of Pasig City Police Headquarters in Google. (Screenshot from Google by Interaksyon)

The review made its way to different social sites such as Twitter and Reddit, where it landed on the trending list.

5/5 would get jailed again from Philippines

“Pag wala na matirhan, ‘lam niyo na,” a Reddit user quipped in the comments.

“Tripadvisor lang. 5 stars,” another online user said, referring to a website where people leave reviews of places they have visited.

“Why do I feel that Pasig is not part of the Philippines anymore hahaha 5/5 would recommend (‘yung) review ih,” a Filipino on Twitter wrote.

“Huhu ang laughtrip!!! Pero good to know that they preserve the dignity of people detained,” another Twitter user commented.

Last year, the Pasig City Police Station was awarded as the “Best City Police Station for 2020 and Accomplishment in Project Double Barrel (City Police Station Level),” according to reports.