‘Aswang, leche flan, ambag sa gawaing bahay’: Some Filipinos’ witty takes on community pantry signages

April 26, 2021 - 5:11 PM
Community pantry signage
A signage in the Stock Box Community Pantry in Cavite in this photo from Rhay Javier Namuco's Facebook and a signage in a "home pantry" for the family from Pau Gelacio's Facebook.

Pinoy humor at its best.

Witty signages on community pantries are catching attention on social media.

Two signages in the Stock Box Community Pantry, an initiative in Silang, Cavite, amused online users. Facebook user Rhay Javier Namuco shared photos of the first day of the initiative.


A signage placed in front of a basket of garlic reads: “Isa-isa lang po sa BAWANG, hindi po totoo ang ASWANG.”

A grinning face emoji was included on the signage.

In the Philippines, some superstitious citizens believe that garlic can ward off “aswangs” or shape-shifting evil creatures in local folklore.


Another signage posted by Namuco gained online attention.

It was placed beside eggs, which reads: “Kumuha lang ng pang-umagahan, hindi ng pang LECHE FLAN.”

The signage has a widely grinning face emoji.


The humorous line was a reference to a joke among the local online community which circulated after a group of women in Pasig City took several items from a community pantry in one go, including two trays of eggs.

An edited picture of containers with leche flan or the Filipino crème caramel then surfaced on social media in response to the incident.


“Naibalik na rin ni Maricar ‘yung mga itlog. Ginawa lang pala niyang leche flan lahat. Napakabait,” Rei quipped with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

The sweet treat’s main ingredient is eggs.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user shared a “home pantry” set-up which features snacks and junk food.

“Me to my masisipag na kapatid: ‘KUMUHA BATAY SA AMBAG SA GAWAING BAHAY.’ Pasensyahan na tayo pero mukhang magkakagutoman tayo ngayon. Pero feeling ko ma-eexpire lang mga pagkain na’to. Pasensya na. God bless! – Ate niyong finance,” Pau Gelacio wrote.

The signage can also be seen in their refrigerator which has boxes of donuts and assorted drinks like Yakult and chocolate milk.


When Ana Patricia Non set up a community pantry in Maginhawa, Quezon City, she placed a signage that is supposed to guide donors and beneficiaries.

“Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan,” it reads.

Non said the slogan’s concept is Marxist but it is also Biblical and Quranic in essence.

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Non set up the pantry to help Filipinos who are deeply affected by the re-imposition of the COVID-19 lockdowns in the Greater Manila Area.

“The unemployment rate is high, the line for relief goods is long, and Pinoys are hungry,” she recently told GMA News Online.

“Hindi nito masasagot ang root cause ng kagutuman pero okay na din na pantawid gutom sa mga nangangailangan. Mahirap magtrabaho, mag-aral at lumaban habang kumakalam ang tiyan,” Non also said in another interview.

Anyone can freely get sources from the pantry as fit to their needs while those who have the means are encouraged to donate.