Petroleum firm joins brands with odd commercials with calls for cleaner, greener fuel

May 4, 2021 - 11:39 AM
Screengrabs from the commercial of Unioil

A petroleum company also joined the list of brands that released odd commercials, this time, highlighting a cleaner fuel option for motorists.

Unioil Petroleum Company released its commercial on April 30 with the hashtag #YouDriveChange.

“The winds of change are coming. Amoy mo na ba? (wink emoji) Watch ’til the end!” the caption read.


In the nearly two-minute video, it featured a man named Bart, portrayed by Sandro Torres. The narrator introduced him as a “nice, responsible guy who does his part for the environment.”

“It’s just, he takes it a bit too seriously,” the narrator said in the clip.

It turns out Bart collects the gas he gives off in jars after learning that it contains methane that is bad for the environment. He also stores the gas his mother gives off in a jar.

The commercial was created by GIGIL, the advertising agency also behind other popular strange advertisements.

Among the brands the agency has worked with are RC Cola, which disturbing commercial started the trend, as well as Orocan, Mega Tuna and Julie’s Bakeshop.

The petroleum firm’s post earned 340 reshares and gained 628 reactions as of writing.

The comments section was so far filled with laughing remarks and users tagging their friends to view the funny and odd video.

In a statement, Unioil introduced its latest line of “clean” fuel products which are the Euro-5 standard fuels, citing it reduces emissions up to 77%.

“With its latest ad campaign, Unioil asks every Filipino to rethink their choice of fuels,” the petroleum firm said.

“Entitled ‘You Drive Change’ and created with ideas agency GIGIL, its message is simple: reducing environmental impact doesn’t call for grand gestures. Sometimes it’s as simple as choosing the right fuel,” the release read.

Unioil also said that it has been formulating fuel products that can help decrease emissions for years now.

“With Unioil, and the help of every Filipino who drives change, the Philippines can be on its way to a greener future,” it said.