‘Bote na lang love wins’: Local ad telling love story of alcohol disinfectant, moisturizer gets praises online

May 6, 2021 - 2:39 PM
Screengrab from the commercial of Hygienix Philippines on Twitter on May 5, 2021

A brand of alcohol disinfectant’s online commercial involving a love story of bottles gained online traction nearly a month after its release.

Local brand Hygienix Philippines‘ advertisement follows the love story of an alcohol disinfectant and a moisturizer.

It was first released last April 9. The brand’s Twitter account shared re-shared the video advertisement on May 5 and eventually caught the attention of some users online.

“Gusto mo ng ibang klaseng boy meets girl story? Once upon a time, isang moisturizer at alcohol ang nagkita. Naglandian at na-inlab sila. Nagtanan at pagkatapos ay nag-asawa. Ano kaya ang magiging baby nila? Anak ng…kakaiba!” it said.

In the one-minute clip, which was titled “Bote Na Lang Nandito Ka,” the two different bottles decided to elope after the supposed parents of the moisturizer forbid them to meet anymore.

A budding romance happened and then the last scene showed their “offspring,” which is Hygienix’ popular alcohol disinfectant product that claims to kill 99.99% germs with added skin moisturizing claims.

The commercial then gained praises from online users who expressed how amused they were with the witty and imaginative take in promoting a product.

“Ang taba ng utak ng gumawa nito,” one user said.

“Crazy ads keep on coming,” another user said.

Actress-host Maine Mendoza also saw this video and quipped:

“Bote na lang, love wins! (blue heart emoji) #Hygienix #GermKillerSkinLover,” she said.

Some users also mused in jest why bottles have a happy love story.

“Sanaol pinaglaban…pinagtanggol…pinanindigan…(crying emoji) l*ch*ng alcohol may lablyp. Asan sa akin?” one user said.

“Alam kong single ako pero bat naman nadaig pa ko ng mga bote?” another user commented.

Some homegrown brands have previously been releasing odd promotional clips that sparked the attention of local social media community.

These include RC Cola, which video even triggered a debate about certain issues online, Julie’s Bakeshop and Orocan.

Rubbing alcohol and other disinfectants became a huge part of the public’s daily necessities since the start of the still raging COVID-19 pandemic.

It then became part of the minimum preventive measures against the virus around the world.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise the use of an alcohol-based sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol for effective cleaning.