‘Be careful what you repost’: Bar chair Leonen warns amid viral fake bar passer

September 9, 2021 - 9:07 PM
A photo of the logo of the Supreme Court (Philstar.com/file photo)

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, Bar exam chair, warned the public against posting unverified information on social media.

Leonen posted this following a viral post of a supposed 2021 bar passer even if the exams have not started yet.

The bar examinations which will be conducted online are slated in November 2021. The Supreme Court is still open for applications until September 15.

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One user with the name Kimberly Pelagio, however, claimed that she has already passed it and even shared photos online as proofs.

Facebook user Archiebald Faller Capila initially saw these photos and posted them to call her out.

Pelagio’s account could not be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Later, Capila deleted his post after he was informed that they belonged to another person. Pelagio was apparently using those photos as her own.

“Photos have been circulating as to how one certain “Kimberly C. Pelagio” claimed that she passed the 2021 Bar and took the same in the Supreme Court. After going viral, some people messaged me personally as to the matter at hand,” Capila said.

“Apparently, this Kimberly C. Pelagio is a POSER using the photos of another person. To cut the story short, the photo that was being circulated belonged to another person,” he added.

Capila also apologized to the owner of the photos. He clarified that the now-deleted post was addressed to Pelagio.

“We apologize to the original owner of the photo who was ridiculed by some. Rest assured that we never intended to do the same. It was specifically addressed to that certain Kimberly C. Pelagio who is using your photos,” the uploader said.

“Please disseminate the same and let us all refrain from pointing ridicules to the aforesaid pictures being used by this fake account,” he added.

This post eventually reached Leonen who also issued a similar warning to the public.

“You should also be careful what you repost. It has real life consequences. Many are going through various degrees of challenges during these times,” he said.

“And I hope you are using your real name too,” he added.

Prior to this, Leonen also reacted to the alleged fake bar passer. He described it as “deceptive” and “selfish.”

“This is deceptive. I hope the one who made it does not seriously think it helps others. As I said, karma exists. Help others. See beyond yourselves please. It is not even funny. Just selfish,” he said.

Last July, the SC opened its online platform called “Bar Personalized Login Unified System” (BAR PLUS) for new applicants.

This will be the first digital and localized licensure test for future Philippine lawyers.

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