No mention of ‘Christmas’ in November? Meme citing Pinoys’ months-long celebration emerges

November 4, 2021 - 12:31 PM
Christmas decors
Sellers arrange Christmas decorations at Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City on Nov. 5, 2020. (The STAR/ Mong Pintolo)

An online post referenced Filipinos’ famous four-month Christmas celebration in response to a meme saying that the word “Christmas” should not be mentioned before December rolls in.

A Reddit user on the r/Philippines subreddit shared a meme with a picture of Santa Claus aiming a rifle at an elf on a cliff’s edge.

It had the text: “Remember, everytime Christmas is mentioned in November, Santa is forced to execute another elf.”

It was juxtaposed to a screengrab of a character from “Gravity Falls” holding a firecracker and declaring that she is the “god of destruction.”

It was edited to include a text that served as a response to the Christmas meme. It reads: “Meanwhile, Filipinos who started at September.”

The post has been upvoted at 98% and has earned comments from Filipinos who can relate to the meme.

“Saya nga pagpasok ng -ber months. Puto bumbong at bibingka. Medyo lumalamig simoy ng hangin. Mga bata e nagpa-praktis na gumawa ng parol kasi project nila sa skul. May mga nagpa-praktis din ng sayawan at kantahan kasi may singing at dance competition bawat kanto. Da best [ang] pasko sa Pinas,” a Redditor said.

“Ang christmas tree namin ‘di pa tinatangal so pwesto niya ng 4 years,” another Reddit user commented.

“September?!? I started hearing Christmas music from my neighbors and they put up Christmas lights at AUGUST,” a different user shared.

The Philippines is known to celebrate the world’s longest Christmas season, which kicks off upon the transition to the “-ber” months by September.

Christmas lights and festive decorations would already be seen in houses and establishments during this period while cheery jingles are usually played and could be heard in public places to evoke the holiday spirit.

A public relations professor from the De La Salle–College of St. Benilde previously said that Filipinos celebrate Yuletide season the longest as they “don’t want happy moments to end.”

“We look forward to family gatherings and reunions so we can make up for lost time. Celebrations are very much a part of our psyche as fiesta-loving and I don’t see anything wrong with that,” Ed Timbungco said in a 2017 interview.