‘Stop global warming’: UST housed this artwork calling for climate action

December 23, 2021 - 6:06 PM
Liter of Light's art installation in UST's Parade Grounds (Instagram/Illac Diaz)

The University of Santo Tomas joined the global call for climate action through a large-scale art installation on its campus grounds early this year.

This initiative was part of the partnership between the university and the Liter of Light organization, a grassroots movement that seeks to provide solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity.

It has active chapters in over 15 countries. Its main offices are in the Philippines, Colombia and the United States.

Its latest initiative called “Messages for the Planet” or “Messages for the World” uses massive art installations to engage the youth and amplify the urgent need for better climate policies amid the still raging COVID-19 pandemic.

The artwork in UST’s Parade Grounds, where the annual Paskuhan festivities are annually held, was unveiled on December 21.

It featured a large sun with the glaring statement “Stop Global Warming” and the number 1.5°C beside it.

In a Facebook post, the Catholic university housed the artwork until Wednesday, December 22.

UST also explained the environmental cause the art piece advocates to the public.

“The University’s historic Parade Grounds is home until tomorrow night to this artwork from the Liter of Light Foundation, which advocates for the use of renewable energy sources in an effort to fight climate change,” it said.

“The [artwork,] which shows the sun, incidentally the symbol of Saint Thomas Aquinas, is one of many expressions of support for the advocacy to manage the increase in global temperature,” it added.

Illac Diaz, founder and executive director of Liter of Light, also uploaded photos and videos of the art project on Instagram.

In one of the posts, Diaz explained that the 1.5°C figure represents the critical 1.5°C global climate change threshold the world leaders had agreed to reach.

This threshold was agreed upon during the previous 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

“The 1.5 degree target has long been championed by developing nations, where millions of people are among the most vulnerable to climate change. At the 2015 Paris climate negotiations, they pushed industrialized countries to improve on the 2 degree Celsius goal held at the time, since wealthier nations are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions since the Industrial Revolution,” Diaz said.

He also thanked UST for collaborating with the foundation in sending out the important global message on climate action.

“Thank you to @ust1611official for partnering with us for this very important global message of the seriousness of climate change and global warming, especially for nations like ours that are on the front lines of its impact,” the activist said.

In a separate post, Diaz cited that the tragedy left by Typhoon “Odette” (international name: Rai) as the consequence of the worsening environmental situation.

“STOP GLOBAL WARMING. The Philippines, like many island nations, are suffering the devastating impact of HUMAN-CAUSED climate changes that have brought stronger storms in the Pacific, like the latest Super Typhoon Rai (Odette.),” he said.

Diaz further said that the artwork is their “message to the world.”

“This artwork, unveiled yesterday at @ust1611official is our MESSAGE TO THE WORLD that we have to stand together after @cop26uk. Our future depends on it,” he said.

Liter of Light on its Instagram page also sought for monetary and in-kind donations for typhoon victims in Visayas and Mindanao.