‘Terrifying’: Concerns for woman robbed while live selling plants

January 24, 2022 - 12:59 PM
Image by Sasha Kim via Pexels

An online seller in Caloocan City was suddenly attacked by a thief while she was conducting a Facebook live to market her plants.

The video of the incident made buzz among social media users over the weekend. They expressed sympathy for the online seller who was only making an honest living when she was robbed.

‘Terrifying’ live selling event

The seller, identified as Bebiana Maanio, held a Facebook Live session last January 13 outside of her house in Caloocan City, according to a report by the Philippine Star.

In the video, Maanio could be seen attending to her customers when a man wearing a helmet and a black suit suddenly came up from behind her and attacked her.

The seller screamed as the robber held her at gunpoint. The video got knocked down after.

The STAR reported that one of the customers who witnessed the crime during the Facebook Live said that she immediately reported it to the police.

However, the thief could no longer be found in the area.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 10 p.m.

“Patapos na ako ng live non eh mga 10:48 na ‘yun eh biglang may kumalabit sa akin…sa likod ko kasi nanggaling ‘yung tapos may kumalabit sa akin ayun tapos pag tingin ko parang nagulat ako kasi na-ano niya ‘yung baril niya. Binalya niya ako…naitulak tapos nabalya ako sa likod,” she was quoted as saying.

Maanio also said that she managed to stand up after that attack and even tried to pursue the thief.

Unfortunately, the thief got away.

“Tumayo pa rin ako, sinundan ko pa rin siya. Nakita ko siya naka-single motor siya. Ayun lang ‘yung narinig ko nung nasa motor na siya sabi niya: ‘Diyan ka lang!’ ‘Yun lang ‘yung sinabi niya sa akin,” Maanio told The STAR.

The police later showed the online seller a potential suspect. However, she could not pinpoint his identity because she only saw his eyes.

The video clip of the robbery incident circulated across Facebook and Twitter.

It soon reached TV personality Karen Davila on Twitter who found the incident “terrifying.”

She joined others who offered well wishes to Maanio.

“This is terrifying! My gosh. I pray she is safe,” Davila wrote.

“Oh my god this is terrifying! I hope she’s okay,” another Twitter user said.

Others condemned the perpetrator.

“Lumaban kayo ng patas! Kumakayod ng matino si ate eh,” an online user tweeted.

Still thankful

The plant seller thanked her customers who were looking out for her.

She said that some of them have already informed her of a suspicious man visiting her store, where she usually holds Facebook Live selling.

“Ang sabi kasi sa akin ng mga miners tsaka sabi rin ng mga nagck-comment, ano raw pabalik-balik nga raw ‘yung lalaki hindi ko lang talaga napansin kasi nakatalikod ako,” Maanio was quoted as saying.

Maanio was also relieved that even if the device that was stolen was brand new, she did not sustain serious injuries following the armed robbery.

She would also still continue to do her business for her family to make ends meet amid the coronavirus pandemic.

For her safety, Maanio said that she will set her Facebook Live selling at an earlier time and inside her home.