Twitter honors empowering Filipino women through #SheInspiresMe campaign

March 8, 2022 - 6:41 PM
Twitter IWD 2022
Alexa Bruce in this photo from her Instagram (left), Saab Magalona in this photo from her Instagram (center), and Mandy Nokom in this photo from her Instagram (right).

A microblogging platform is giving the spotlight to Filipinas who inspire and empower like-minded people in their respective communities through the Southeast Asia-wide “#SheInspiresMe” campaign.

The campaign is part of the commemoration of the International Women’s Day on March 8 which celebrates women’s achievements, raises awareness against biases against them and aims to take action for gender equality.

Twitter said that the “#SheInspiresMe” campaign highlights “unique and influential voices of women who inspire people in their communities to break the bias and #OwnIt.”

Here are some of them:

Alex Bruce (@AlexThurstenB) 

The rapper said that her latest song, “Dime Girls,” is the best representation of the gender-related challenges she has encountered and how she has conquered them.

“When us women know our worth, and us not relying on anyone, us being independent. Be free. Be yourself. Dime girl, we’re gonna show the world that we’re doing just fine!” she said.

Alexa Asahina (@alexaasahina)

Alexa is a model who won the Queen of Tekken Philippines during a showmatch battle for Bandai Namco’s Tekken Tournament in 2020.

She believes that the basis for strength in gaming is not gender but hard work and passion.

“To be honest, the gaming industry is a male-dominated scene. And I’ve always believed that women have a place there as well. I’m creating a community, a safe space for women where you can play (along) with them, talk to them, share ideas on how to do better without being judged like ‘Oh, that’s just a woman,'” Alexa said.

Carla Lizardo (@carlalizardo_), Bianca Guidotti (@BGuidotti22), and Pia Wurtzbach (@PiaWurtzbach)

These former beauty queens are the epitome of the modern Filipina who are beyond beauties and brains. They use their passion for advocacies to empower women community through their podcast and other projects.

Carla is known for actively attending Twitter Spaces sessions to network, be updated, and be inspired about woman-led projects in the Non-Fungible Token space.

“I love supporting women-led projects and artists. I use the platform to stay updated, network, and share information as well. I’ve also met so many amazing women in Twitter Spaces, and hearing their stories always inspires me to do more,” Carla said.

Bianca, on the other hand, wants to share a life lesson with her community on the micro-blogging platform.

“The concept of Ubuntu teaches us that I am because we are. Each unique perspective is an important piece in understanding not only the world around us but who we are as people and as a community,” she said.

“This is why there is so much power in sharing stories and experiences,” Bianca added.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia, meanwhile, defined female empowerment.

“To me, female empowerment means paving the way for the women of the future. It means breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries to make it easier for the next generation to pursue their passions,” the beauty queen said.

Happee Sy (@happeehour) 

Happee is the chief operating officer of PULP Live World who is dubbed as the “Inang Reyna of K-pop” among Filipino fans.

She said that she has never let gender dictate what she is capable of doing.

“Share your happiness with others! Share your journey with others! Use your Tweets to spread positive vibes and share the stuff of Hallyu that inspires you and makes your heart beat happy throughout the day,” Happee said.

Leanne and Naara (@LeanneAndNaara) 

The duo’s album, “Daybreak,” won the Album of the Year at the 34th Awit Awards last year.

“I think it’s always been a challenge for women artists to navigate this male-dominated industry,” Leanne said.

“We’re also more prone to being compared to other women artists, which is hard to understand when all of us are clearly treading our own paths. It’s these very practices that drive us to use our music to empower women,” she added.

Mandy Nokom (@mandynokom) 

Mandy is a voice talent who lent her skills in airwaves, commercials and other projects.

She said that the voice talent industry still has a tendency to restrict women in certain voicing roles.

Mandy goes to Twitter to widen opportunities and support for women in the field.

“I get to show more of my personality and interests that are ever-evolving, to casters and producers that are potentially in the same platform and they can possibly see it and could tap it into different creative pursuits,” she said.

Saab Magalona (@saabmagalona) 

The multi-hyphenate, who acts as a musician, podcaster, content
creator, and mom, said that female empowerment is “the reminder to break away from the fear that society has ingrained in women.”

“‘Be quiet and just take care of your kids.’ This is a line I have been sent more than once whenever I weigh in on topics other than motherhood. It’s such a stereotype that mothers should just be changing diapers, or cooking for their families when in fact, it’s motherhood that has pushed me into doing so much more,” she said.

Twitter said that everyone can participate in the #SheInspiresMe  campaign to share and amplify inspiration during the
#IWD2022 celebration month.

They can follow the platform’s #IWD2022 Lists to connect with women who are committed to uplifting others and to “#OwnIt.”