‘Finally’: Updated tarpaulin of ‘ageless’ congresswoman gets talked about online

March 15, 2022 - 7:58 PM
A photo of reelectionist Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David (Manila 4th District) taken in December 2021 (Facebook/Atty. Trisha Bonoan)

A congresswoman who is known for “ageless” face on tarpaulins used a different photo for her current campaign activities.

Some social media users noticed this change on a tarpaulin of Rep. Trisha Bonoan-David (Manila, 4th District ) who is seeking reelection for the national elections this May.

To compare, they shared a collage of Bonoan-David’s past pictures on tarpaulins, posters and even on greetings and public notices since 2009.

These were then juxtaposed with the local official’s new tarpaulin photo with the slogan that reads: “Narito na ang tunay na pagbabago!”

While Bonoan-David did use a new image for her campaign in 2019, some users still congratulated her in jest for finally showing her recent appearance on her tarpaulin.

“It took her 13 years,” one online user said.

“New look 2022,” another Facebook user shared with laughing emojis.

One Facebook user also noticed that the layout of her tarpaulin changed. The user shared a lone photo of it on Facebook.

“SA WAKAS! Nagbago na din siya ng layout at picture. Matatahimik na po ang ating mga pag-iisip,” the user shared.

The Facebook user also used hashtag #LangitNoMore.

He was referring to the blue sky backdrop used by Bonoan-David on her previous posters and other tarpaulins.

The layout was used as a template wherein the texts were changed and Bonoan-David’s photo was modified by adding a helmet, a tiara or other accessories depending on the occasion.

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Several netizens could not help but be amused by this long-awaited update.

“My eyes…Pero oo, if taga-Manila ka, masusuya ka sa mukha niyan. Every event halos meron siya. Kahit BDAY ng chairman of ng mismong tao,” one Reddit user noted.

“Tunay na pagbabago…hindi na yung default template ang gamit,” another user said.

Others quipped that her access to photo apps had expired.

“Baka expired na yung Camera 360 niya,” one user said.

“Expired na subscription niya sa stock photo haha,” another user said.

Based on her tarpaulin, the solon is running under the slate of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte-Carpio tandem, who are running for presidency and vice presidency in the national polls.

According to the Commission on Elections, the campaign period for members of the House of Representatives and the rest of the local officials will start on March 25 and will end on May 7, 2022.

All types of posters are considered “lawful” if they meet the following conditions as stated in Resolution 10730:

“Cloth, paper or cardboard posters, whether framed or posted, with an area not exceeding two feet by three feet, except that, at the site and on the occasion of a public meeting or rally, or in announcing the holding of said meeting or rally, streamers not exceeding three feet by eight feet in size, shall be allowed.”