Makati City HS students receive free Japanese-style Randoseru bags

March 21, 2022 - 6:41 PM
The Makati City government is distributing these rubber shoes called AB 4.0 and the Randoseru bags to students in the city (Facebook/Abby Binay)

A school bag distributed by the Makati City government to some students turned heads on social media.

The Makati City government distributed school bags, shoes and raincoats to some students in the city on Monday, March 21.

The first recipients were students from the F. Benitez Elementary School, Gen. Pio del Pilar High School and Makati High School in the city.

“Ayon kay Mayora, mula kinder hanggang senior high school ang makakatanggap ng libreng rubber shoes,” the city government said on Facebook.

Makati City Mayor Abby Binay posted photos of the items distributed on her Facebook page.

“Starting the week with the distribution of the AB 4.0, our Randoseru bags, bags for our HS students and raincoats for our SHS students. #AB4.0,” she said.

The AB or Air Binay 4.0 is the new design or iteration of rubber shoes the Makati City government launched for the students in the city.

The school bag called Randoseru bag was the one that caught the eye of several Facebook users.

As of writing, Binay’s post has over 7,000 reactions, 18 comments and 6,000 shares.

The comments section was filled with praises for the bag.

“Nice! The bags look like the school children’s bag in Japan!” one Facebook user said.

“Nice!! I want! Hehe! Love the bags! Japanese style!” another Facebook user commented. 

“Wow! Parang TUMI bags,” another online user said. Tumi is a luxury brand for luggage, bags and backpacks.

Randoseru bags are types of school bags traditionally used by school children in Japan for over a century.

This bag is recognizable for its square design and sturdy leather.

This satchel is also commonly seen in Japanese TV shows and anime series.

Nowadays, Japanese brands offer randoseru bags in different colors, grade of leather and other materials while still sticking to the traditional square-like design.