‘Paboritong anak ni Lord’: Fans quipped after Jillian Robredo tweets NCT 127 sighting

May 17, 2022 - 11:31 AM
Composite photo of Jillian Robredo and NCT 127 (Instagram/Jillian Robredo, NCT 127)

(Updated 8:20 p.m.) Jillian Robredo made Filipino fans of Korean group NCT 127 ecstatic after sharing footage of them at the Incheon International airport in South Korea.

Jillian, the youngest daughter of Vice President Leni Robredo, is set to graduate from New York University with a double degree on Mathematics and Economics, under a scholarship. on May 18.

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She then shared short footage where some of the group members could be sighted.

“Sharing my blessings, sorry po kakaland lang,” she tweeted on Sunday.

Jillian shared this under the replies to the tweet of Kakie Pangilinan, daughter of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta.

Early Sunday, Kakie tweeted that Jillian sent her photos of NCT 127. She said the Robredo family “casually saw” the Kpop gorup during their layover at the airport in South Korea.


Kakie’s tweet immediately blew up on the micro-blogging platform.

As of writing, it has 7,510 retweets, 11,000 quote-retweets and 125,300 likes. Jillian’s tweet, on the other hand, garnered 4,463 retweets, 6,526 quote-retweets and 40,400 likes.

In the quote-retweets to Jillian’s post, fans of the group, collectively called NCT-zens, could not help but gush over the Robredo family’s sighting of their favorite group.

Others quipped that Jillian is also a “favorite daughter” of God.

“Hindi ka lang paboritong anak ni VP Leni pati na rin ni Lord,” one Twitter user said.

“Favorite daughter din ni Lord si Jillian,” another user tweeted.

Some fans also became wishful. Some tweets have “sana all” remarks and others asked how to be as lucky as Jillian.

They noted that Jillian will also see Taylor Swift who is set to receive her honorary doctorate degree at NYU.

“Miss Jill, who did you save in your past life tell me,” one user said with crying emoji.

Based on reports, Leni and her daughters Jillian, Aika and Tricia has a five-hour layover at the airport while on their way to New York, United States. The vice president shared fond, candid moments of their downtime on her Instagram stories.

Leni, who ran for presidency with Pangilinan as her running mate, informed her supporters that she and her daughters will be gone for a few days to attend Jillian’s graduation.

They will also be taking their “well-deserved rest.” She noted that this was the first time they traveled as a family with no work.

“We are sorry if we cannot accept the numerous requests for meet ups. We will do that some other time in the future. For now, we just need to spend as much time together,” the vice president said on Facebook.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article states that Jillian is graduating with a degree in biomolecular science.