Hontiveros bardagulan era: Risa, Pia exchange amusing tweets

May 26, 2022 - 8:47 PM
Pia and Risa Hontiveros
Sen. Risa Hontiveros and her sister, Pia Hontiveros, at the Batasang Pambansa in this photo shared by Pia on Twitter on May 25, 2022. (Twitter/piahontiveros)

Sen. Risa Hontiveros and broadcast journalist Pia Hontiveros had a rare sisterly exchange on Twitter, giving their followers a glimpse of how they interact in person.

Pia shared a collage of her and her older sister at Batasang Pambansa where the latter was part of the canvassing committee composed of senators and representatives.

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Pia, meanwhile, was on the site as a reporter.

She shared a picture of her talking to Risa who was on the lower portion of the area where the canvassing of votes have taken place.

“Promise, hindi pulitika pinag-uusapan namin dito ni @risahontiveros (winking and heart emojis). (And, yes po, I’m funnier… and younger, pero mukha din naman siya young bec. its all in the Honti genes),” Pia tweeted with emojis of laughing-with-tears face, a winking face and a blue heart.

She also tagged another of their sister, corporate executive Ginggay Hontiveros, in the post.

Risa then responded to Pia’s tweet: “Anong you’re funnier?! Haha!” Risa said in a quote tweet with an upside-down smiling emoji.

“Okay, sige, Ris. Ikaw na ang funnier,” Pia commented back with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

A Twitter user noticed the interaction and said, “Sibling goals ko kayong dalawa.”

Another user joked that is the “Hontiveros Bardulagan era.”

“Bardagulan” is defined by a magazine as “shitposting or a situation where social media users pretty much shoot the breeze and air their thoughts, often in a sarcastic or mocking tone, about a specific topic.”

The term is usually seen on Twitter, where users refer to debates or people exchanging a series of arguments as “bardahan” or “bardagulan.”

A different Filipino claimed that both of them were “cute.”

“HAHAHAHA WE ARE LOVING THE HONTI SIBS INTERACTIONS, MS. P!! CUTE NIYONG DALAWA…. AT FUNNY,” a Twitter user said with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

“THE HONTI SIBS BARDAGULAN WE’RE WAITING FOR (heart hearts emoji). HAHAHAHAHAHA CUTE NIYO BOTH,” another online user tweeted.