How Pinoys reacted to Robin Padilla’s request to be addressed ‘Robinhood’ in Senate comms

July 13, 2022 - 1:12 PM
Robin Padilla
Sen. Robin Padilla in this photo uploaded on his Facebook page on July 9, 2022. (Facebook/ROBINPADILLA.OFFICIAL)

Neophyte Sen. Robin Padilla‘s real name is still a surprise to some Filipinos after he requested to be addressed by it in Senate correspondence and communications.

Reports said that the lawmaker on July 6 wrote a letter to Senate Secretary Myra Villarica where he said he would like to be addressed as Robinhood C. Padilla.

The former actor’s birth name is Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla.

He is usually referred to as Robin Padilla in show business.

In the entertainment industry, actors are known to take stage names to shorten their full names, make them more recallable or make them stand out, among others.

“Mainam po kasi na tunay na pangalan ko po ang gamitin sa records ng Senado. Pero sa media po, okay lang po na Robin,” Padilla explained, referring to his name preference.

Senate President Pro Tempore Juan Miguel Zubiri said that he does not see any problem with his colleague’s request.

Meanwhile, some Filipinos expressed surprise after only learning of Padilla’s real name following the news.

“Sir senator ano ho isusunod niyo,” a Facebook user said.

“Samantalang noon bad boy Binoy, ayos na sa kanya ih,” another online user commented.

“Any more surprise name reveals?” Data Ethics founder Dominic Ligot wrote.

Others pointed out that the public should respect the lawmaker’s preference.

“Like him or not, we should respect this. Names are important. Names have power. Ang daming natatawa. I wonder if you’d still find it funny when someone mispronounces your name, or calls you the wrong name,” a Facebook user said.

“I do hope people respect this. And if people can respect Senator Robinhood Padilla’s wishes, they should be able to respect the wishes of anyone in their lives who asks in good faith to be addressed by another name,” another online user commented.

Padilla’s real name also caught the public’s attention after the 2022 national elections, when the National Board of Canvassers released the names of the top 12 winning senatorial candidates.

At that time, some Filipinos commented that Padilla is the namesake of a legendary heroic outlaw in English folklore.

This made them hope that Padilla would live up to his “Robinhood” name.

Robinhood is known as a mythical English folk hero who stole from rich travelers to help the poor in society. His stories appealed to the masses because he stood up and outwitted those in power.