Three Filipino soups named among TasteAtlas’s 50 best soups in the world

August 5, 2022 - 5:30 PM
Photo of Filipino sinigang (Photo from TasteAtlas' website)

Seemingly in time for the rainy season, an international food database revealed that three Filipino soups made it to its 50 Best Soups list worldwide as of August 2022.

TasteAtlas on August 4 shared the list of the highest-ranking soups in the world based on audience ratings.

“Sinigang” or stewed dish ranked seventh, while “bulalo” or beef marrow stew ranked 19th. “Tinolang manok” or seasoned chicken soup, meanwhile, ranked at 23rd.

These soups bested other famous varieties like Vietnam’s pho, Indonesia’s laksa and Taiwan’s beef noodle soup.

The website additionally said that the best sinigang can be found in Lovacore Kitchen and Drinks in Pasig, while the best bulalo is listed in Leslie’s in Tagaytay.

On the other hand, the best tinolang manok can be found in Mesa Filipino Moderne Restaurant in Makati.

Filipinos warmly received the rankings on social media.

“Philippines for the win,” a Facebook user wrote in the comments.

“Bulalo, the best soup here in the Philippines!” another user commented with a heart emoji.

“As a soup person, I concur,” a Pinoy on Twitter shared.

“Tinolang Manok supremacy y’all,” tweeted another user.

Sinigang is a sour stew typically composed of fish, meat, vegetables, tomatoes and tamarind flavoring, giving it its distinct savory taste.

Different variations of its cooking include “sinigang na baboy” (pork stew), “sinigang na baka” (beef stew), “sinigang na gulay” (vegetable stew) and “sinigang na lechon” (roasted pig stew), among others.

Bulalo, meanwhile, is a flavorful beef marrow stew in which the fat of the meat is slowly melted into the broth.

It is usually cooked with pieces of vegetables like potato, carrots, strings of beans or corn.

The tinolang manok, on the other hand, is a ginger-flavored broth cooked with chicken cuts, green papaya and malunggay leaves.