How plastic manufacturer reacted to Viñas DeLuxe’s ‘Miss Hurt’ runway look

September 22, 2022 - 7:18 PM
Viñas DeLuxe's runway look during an episode of "Drag Race Philippines (Twitter/Viñas DeLuxe)

A local plastic manufacturer earned buzz on social media for its reaction to the latest episode of “Drag Race Philippines.”

Orocan, a popular brand of plastic furniture, uploaded a post perceived to be a “shade” about the elimination of drag queen Viñas DeLuxe on September 21.

Its social media accounts also tagged Viñas’ official account.

“Ayaw ko na lang talagang mag-talk! Ano, inom na lang tayo misis Viñas DeLuxe?” it asked in jest.

“Sagot na namin ang supply ng Orocan Icebox mo na lalagyan ng alak, pulutan at yelo!” it added.

Orocan also accompanied its post with an image of its icebox product with a drawing on it. Its handle was also adorned with a blue scarf.

It came with a text questioning the result of the episode.

“May COVID ba kayo? Bakit wala kayong taste?”

Viñas laughed off Orocan’s remark and gamely indulge in the offer to drink the elimination away.

‘Miss Hurt’

Meanwhile, the product featured in the post was a callback to Orocan’s advertisement last year that featured Paolo Ballesteros as “Miss Hurt,” an impersonation of actress-socialite Heart Evangelista.

The commercial was previously talked about on social media following its release.

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The plastic brand’s reaction to “Drag Race Philippines” episode 7 soon gained traction on social media. It garnered 2,800 reactions, 106 comments and 972 shares on Facebook and 7,667 likes; 1,346 retweetss and 680 quote retweets on Twitter.

It was a reaction to Viñas’ own version or impersonation of “Miss Hurt” as part of a challenge in the reality show.

Similar to the icebox used in the ad before, the popular drag queen’s cooler also has a drawing on it and a cloth wrapped around its handle.

Viñas described her look as a “parody within a parody” as she showcased it on stage.

Paolo also happens to be the main judge and host of the competition.

How viewers reacted

Viñas performance later turned some heads on social media.

One viewer shared a video clip of her runway performance on Twitter.

“Viñas even looked more like Heart Evangelista than [Paolo] did,” the Twitter user said.

In the comment section of Orocan’s post, online users expressed how amused they were with the page’s promotion of its cooler.

“OROCAN BEING SHADY WASNT ON MY 2022 BINGO LIST,” one Facebook user said.

Others shared similar feedback about the elimination of Viñas.

“Mamimiss ko si Viñas deluxe sa #DragRacePhilippines,” one user said.

“Yassss preachhhhhh, VIÑAS ROBBED!” another user commented.

Viñas has been praised online for her looks, skills in challenges and personality in the competition.

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Her “manananggal” outfit for the “Shake, Rattle and Rampa” challenge recently got noticed by American drag queen winner Trixie Mattel.

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Unfortunately, it was Viñas’ turn to “sashay away” in the September 21 episode. Her elimination saddened her fans.

The keyword “Viñas” and other names related to the “Drag Race Philippines” trended on Twitter Philippines.

It currently has over 17,300 tweets under its belt as some viewers continued to express their support for their favorite drag queen.

Viñas also posted a photo of her runway look for the theme “Shop-ulence, She Buys Everything! & Divi Divas.”

“My divisoria runway couture. Niremake ko tapos nagpagawa din ng ilong. Ok na? HAHAHA,” she tweeted.