‘Midnights’ impact: Philippine orgs jump on Taylor Swift’s new album trend

October 26, 2022 - 4:57 PM
Composite photo of posters from The Medical City and Gabriela Youth-UP Diliman (Facebook/The Medical City, Gabriela Youth-UP Diliman)

Two organizations joined the trend of the release of Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album.

Taylor released her 10th studio album last Friday, October 21 via all streaming platforms.  It comprises 13 songs.

To the surprise of her fans, Taylor dropped another album called “Midnights (3 a.m.)” with seven bonus tracks.

Taylor’s new music quickly dominated conversations on Facebook and Twitter as her fans, including Filipino Swifties, talked about them online.

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Calming tips, Filipina heroes

Amid the buzz Taylor’s songs elicited, The Medical City, a private hospital in Pasig City, and Gabriela Youth in the University of the Philippines-Diliman, a youth group, jumped on the bandwagon to share some informative posts with their followers.

The Medical City gave some handy tips on how fans can calm down before they listen to Taylor’s new songs.

“SIZ, KALMAHAN MO MUNA,” the page quipped.

In the post, The Medical City referred to Taylor as “Mareng Taylor,” a name that some Filipino Swifties gave to the singer as a form of endearment to their favorite pop star.

The following are tips on how to calm down amid the excitement.

  1.  Breathe.
  2. Give yourself a hug.
  3. Smell lavender.

The Medical City also used words referencing the first track of the album “Lavender Haze”.

  1. Seek social support.
  2. Shake it off.

The last advice is also the title of one of Taylor’s hit songs in her “1989” album.

The Medical City’s post garnered 5,900 reactions, 424 comments and 1,600 shares on Facebook.

Gabriela Youth-UP Diliman, meanwhile, associated Taylor’s albums with some Filipino revolutionary women.

“Dear reader, this isn’t some glitch! We’ve been feeling like we’re in a lavender haze or in the middle of the midnight rain ever since Midnights’ release. So we decided to associate blondie’s albums with some revolutionary Filipinas,” the group said.

Gabriela Youth also called on the public to remember October 28 as “National Women’s Day of Protest.”

“In remembering our martyrs, let’s also mark the date for our upcoming National Women’s Day of Protest on October 28. In 1983, 10,000 women marched on this date to demand their rights and to bring down the Marcos dictatorship,” it said.

The following Filipina heroes were included in the roster:

  1. Josephine “Jo” Lapira as “Fearless”
  2. Lorena Barros as “Speak Now”
  3. Gabriela Silang as “Red”
  4. Maita Gomez as “1989”
  5. Kamil Manangan as “Reputation”
  6. Nelia Sancho as “Lover”
  7. Melchora Aquino as “Folklore”
  8. Liliosa Hilao as “Evermore”
  9. Espiridonia Bonifacio as “Midnights”

Gabriela ended its post by referencing the tracks from Taylor’s latest album.

“As we face another Marcos, let’s join the women’s movement before we have the chance to say we would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. Our resistance is bigger than the whole sky,” it said.

“Question…? Which album or woman do you most relate with? Do you agree with our matchups? Let us know in the comments section! You’re on your own, kid,” it added.