Flight passenger to ‘kalipad’: Before and after pictures of passenger-turned-flight attendant

November 4, 2022 - 10:56 AM
Flight attendant
Pop art of a flight stewardess. (Image by vectorpocket on Freepik)

From airline passenger to fellow cabin crew.

A former passenger of a budget airline shared pictures of the same flight attendant who inspired her to become one several years later.

Regina Gregorio, a cabin crew member of Cebu Pacific Air, shared an old picture of her as a passenger and a recent one where she was donning her uniform.

In both pictures, Gregorio was with Zai Nucup, a longtime flight attendant of the budget airline.

“From being one of her passenger[s] boarded in her flight to kalipad,” Gregorio wrote on Facebook on October 28.

“Finally! Been looking forward for this moment to happen ever since I got my wings in 5J. If you pray, manifest and work hard for your dream, the Lord will make it happen,” she added in the now-viral post.

5J is the airline designator code assigned to Cebu Pacific by the International Air Transport Association.

The Philippine Airlines’ code is PR, while PAL Express is 2P. AirAsia, meanwhile, is assigned as Z2.

Gregorio in her post shared the story of the pictures, saying that the old one shows one of the main reasons why she dreamt of being a cabin crew member.

“It inspires me to pursue my dream and tada (sparkles emoji), after so many years, who would have thought that once again, our path has crossed and we now fly together both as a Cabin Crew,” she said.

“Never stop dreaming until it becomes your answered prayer,” Gregorio added.

Nucup shared that she was “touched” by Gregorio’s post.

“Ang sipag and bait pati! Safe skies, Reg! Happy to see you (well, both of us) living the dream,” she wrote in the comments.

Tope Tajanlangit, another Facebook user, lauded Nucup and told her to “keep inspiring.”

“Regina Gregorio, start inspiring others. Nice story,” he wrote with a smiling face emoji.

A cabin crew member is primarily in charge of ensuring the safety and comfort of airline passengers throughout the flight.

Some of their responsibilities include conducting emergency and safety checks pre-flight, assisting passengers with their baggage, serving them food and drinks, and anticipating their needs, especially those with children or the elderly.