‘Make a wish, beh’: Minty Fresh has witty replies to critic amid talks on fan etiquette

November 15, 2022 - 2:03 PM
Minty Fresh on her "shower sirena" look on Instagram on October 28, 2022 (Instagram/Minty Fresh)

Drag queen Minty Fresh has a witty clap back to a Twitter user who called her a “falling star.”

Minty, one of the finalists in season one of “Drag Race Philippines,” last Sunday tweeted about how uncomfortable she felt after a stranger hugged her without her consent.

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She said the incident happened on Saturday.

Minty also reminded viewers that they should not do similar gestures to any drag queen.

“Sobrang napikon ako kay ate na dumamba ng akap sakin kagabi. Sorry. Sino nagsabi sa kanya na pwede niyang gawin yun sakin or sa kahit sinong drag queen. Hindi din po hinahaplos ang makeup/mukha at nilalaro ang wig,” she said.

Her tweet soon triggered calls to respect the privacy of drag queens and other public figures.

“Minty’s tweet is a reminder that performers and public figures still are people with boundaries. Respecting personal space is important, okay?” a Twitter user said.

“Respect artists, please… Respect people’s personal space,” another user tweeted.

Some of them also emphasized that drag queens must be treated as human beings.

“Tao ‘yang mga queens, pero bakit nakakalimutan nang ibang i-trato sila as one?” one Twitter user said.

Viñas Deluxe, one of the contestants of “DRPH” Season 1, also shared a similar experience in an Instagram live of celebrity stylist Yannie Tui.

In the video, which was streamed live on November 6, Viñas told Yannie that a female fan who was in front of a “meet and greet” event suddenly pinched her cheeks.

“Pagkita sa ‘kin ‘te, pinisil yung pisngi ko. Ok lang, naka-makeup ako,” she said laughing.

Viñas then reenacted how she reacted to the fan at that time.

“Uy beh, wag ganon beh,” she supposedly told the fan.

Viñas also demonstrated to Yannie how the fan pinched her right cheek.

Yannie then asked the viewers in jest: “Sino yun? Sino pumisil sa pisngi niya?”

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‘Make a wish’

Amid talks on respecting public figures’ privacy, an online user deemed Minty Fresh too arrogant for her tweet.

“Feeling star???” the Twitter user replied to her.

Minty was quick to notice this. In her reply, she tweeted lyrics of “Pop Off Ate” that her fellow queen Brigiding performed.

Screenshot of the exchange between a user and Minty Fresh on Twitter

The user, who seemed to not have caught up with the reference, called her a “falling star”.

“No, you’re not. With that kind of attitude, falling star ka sis,” the user’s reply reads.

Minty did not let this slide.

In another witty clap back to the supposed insult, she replied with: “Edi make a wish beh pag nakita mo ko.”

Her reaction amused several of her fans on the platform. It has since garnered 466 retweets, 228 quote-retweets and 6,983 likes.

Marina Summers, the runner-up in the first season of “DRPH,, was also amused by her drag sister’s response.

Meanwhile, Lady Morgana, one of the season one “DRPH” contestants, told off the Twitter user to “reflect” and sleep.