‘Mahirap mamili’: Vlogger Kimpoy Feliciano promotes B.M.T. sandwich in new ad

January 18, 2023 - 7:38 PM
In the video, Kimpoy talks about his reputation as a lover boy who’s smitten with three different loves—B, M, and T. (Released/Subway Philippines)

A sandwich chain tapped a popular YouTube vlogger to promote its signature product and its varieties.

Subway released its latest video commercial on January 18. Internet personality Kimpoy Feliciano is the main starrer in the video.

“Kimpoy’s Full Confession,” the post reads.

Feliciano was promoting Subway’s signature B.M.T. (biggest, meatiest, tastiest) sandwich in the commercial.

Three varieties of B.M.T. were also showcased, as follows:

  • The Classic B.M.T.
  • The B.M.T. Plus
  • The B.M.T. Double cheese

“Truly worthy eat,” the post also said.

The video started with Feliciano telling viewers about his reputation as a lover boy and not a playboy.

“Hi! It’s me, Kimpoy. Ang sabi nila, playboy raw ako. Hindi ba pweding lover boy lang,” he teased.

He also shared that he was smitten by three women. They are played by Natazha Bautista, Breena Ylaya, and Queen Semana.

Each woman was also shown eating a B.M.T. sandwich.

Kimpoy admitted that he was “madly in love with three right now.” He named them “B,” “M,” and “T.”

“What can I do? They’re equally great and different. Mahirap mamili,” he confessed.

The three B.M.T. ladies played by Natazha Bautista, Breena Ylaya, and Queen Semana in the Subway advertisement.

Kimpoy then described each one.

“May thrill seeker. Punong-puno ng adventure. The other one is practical. Wais and always chooses value for money. And of course, iba pa rin pag health-conscious. You know, it’s good for you,” he said.

Later, in the commercial, it was revealed that the blogger was referring to the sandwiches and not the ladies.

“Kasalanan ba if I want them all?” Kimpoy said by the end of the commercial.

As of writing, the video has garnered 12,000 views, 320 reactions and 67 comments so far.

The B.M.T. has been a crowd favorite in Subway branches both in the country and in other countries.

Customers can now choose which of the three varieties they prefer in Subway stores.

The B.M.T.™ classic or the Italian B.M.T. is one of the original sub sandwich products.
B.M.T.™ Plus presents an even healthier choice for discerning eaters out there.
The “double cheese” offers more flavor, which is an added value at a good price.

In a statement, Kimpoy shared that he relates to his character in the advertisement.

“Whenever I go to Subway, parang may sandwich palagi for any occasion. Ang hirap talaga mamili ng favorites! No matter your mood, there’s a B.M.T.™ sandwich for you,” he said.

Meanwhile, Joshua Wahiman, marketing manager of Subway Philippines, explained that they went for a cheeky theme for relatability.

“What can be a more relatable feeling than love? “So we want to show the overwhelming love one can feel for all the sandwich options at Subway. We also feel that Kimpoy did a fantastic job of conveying this in a fun way in our latest digital ad,” Wahiman said.

Kimpoy currently boasts over one million subscribers on YouTube and one million followers on Instagram.