Pancit Canton vs Mi Goreng: Filipinos debate over best instant noodles

February 1, 2023 - 5:00 PM
Photo shows Indomie Mi Goreng and Lucky Me! Pancit Canton (Indomie Website; Lucky Me! Website)

Which is the best instant noodle, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton or Indomie Mi Goreng?

This became a hot debate among Filipino Twitter users this week.

Team Pancit Canton 

Some Filipinos said that they prefer the Philippine instant noodle brand over Indonesia’s Mi Goreng. They said that Pancit Canton gives them a comforting flavor. 

“As a full-blooded Filipino I [would] have to go with [Lucky Me] Pancit Canton…HOWEVER not that flavor…I like spice so Chili Mansi… or even just the Chili one…oh.. and with an egg,” a Twitter user said

“Maybe I’m biased but I pick Lucky Me! [Pancit Canton],” a social media user said.  

“As a Filipino, Indomie *might* taste better but Lucky Me! just has that kind of comforting flavor that can’t be beaten,” an online user commented

“Pancit Canton Chilli Mansi is [the] best flavor, Mi Goreng is really close though, [I] respect for both,” an online user wrote

An online user, meanwhile, finds Mi Goreng salty that’s why she prefers Pancit Canton. 

“Mi Goreng is too salty for me. Lucky Me! is my first choice. Mi Goreng pampawala ng umay kakakain ng Lucky Me!,” she said.

Team Mi Goreng

On the other hand, others said they prefer Mi Goreng because it is more flavorful compared with Pancit Canton.  

“Revoke my Pinoy card pero ang sangkap ng Mi Goreng eh hindi tinipid katulad ng sa Lucky Me!,” an Twitter user said

Other social media users have also said that the taste ofPancit Canton has changed over the years which is why they prefer the Indonesia-manufactured instant noodles. 

“As someone who grew up eating [Lucky Me!] Pancit Canton, it’s not the same as it used to be-flavor and serving-wise. I’m team Mi Goreng na!” an online user said

“I love both. I grew up with all that ethylene oxide of pancit canton so there’s that certain nostalgia and emotional attachment but Indomie has more complex flavors from that sambal sauce. It’s Indomie for me,” a Twitter user commented

Other contenders

Apart from Lucky Me! Pancit Canton and Indomie Mi Goreng, other social media users recommended their favorite instant noodles. 

These are:

Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles

Payless Pancit Canton

Nissin Yakisoba

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton, a friend noodle variant of Lucky Me! instant noodles was launched in the Philippines in 1991.

Meanwhile, Indomie first introduced Mi Goreng in 1982. This is inspired by the traditional Indonesian fried noodles dish Mi Goreng.