‘Super humble’: TikToker describes Anne Curtis after viral New York interview

June 9, 2023 - 7:42 PM
Anne Curtis_TikToker
A screengrab of Shan Rizwan interviewing actress-host Anne Curtis for his TikTok content as posted on his account (shanrizwan/TikTok)

The TikTok personality who chanced upon actress-host Anne Curtis in New York City described her as “super humble” when he randomly pulled her aside for a quick interview as part of his content.

Social media personality Shan Rizwan, a half-Filipino, found himself trending when he uploaded a video doing a man-on-the-street interview with one of the most famous local celebrities in the Philippines.

“Guessing jobs in New York City #nyc #guessingjobs,” he wrote as a caption.

In his video, Shan asked Anne if she liked her job, her income and what she studied or specialized in school.

@shanrizwan Guessing Jobs in New York City #nyc #guessingjobs ♬ original sound – Shan Rizwan

Shan’s interview went viral, especially among Pinoys who commented on his calm composure and how he seemingly did not know who the interviewee was based on his casual demeanor.

His TikTok comment section went wild so he took to Twitter to ask about the interviewee’s identity.

“Anyone else [thinks] she looks familiar?” Shan tweeted with a thinking face emoji as he shared the video.

A Twitter user claiming to be a cousin of Shan said that the latter really did not know who Anne was.

“He is my cousin, he doesn’t know who Anne is and he [asked] Tita about Anne and the fun part is, my Tita also [has] no idea about who is Anne HAHAHAHAHAHA,” Twitter user @hermosomestizo wrote to another user who reposted the TikTok.

User @hermosomestizo also found Shan “funny” for not knowing how famous Anne is.

Days later, Shan admitted that he had no idea who Anne was when he randomly bumped into her.

The revelation came amid questions from some Filipinos who wondered if the TikToker was putting up an act or was really clueless.

The social media users cited Shan’s similar interview with famous English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, when the TikToker had a casual vibe as well.

@shanrizwanDirectioner Spotted in NYC 😯♬ original sound – Shan Rizwan

In Shan’s recent video, he admitted that he was really not familiar with Anne despite being a half-Pinoy.

“So I coincidentally and obliviously ran into the most followed woman in the Philippines, Anne Curtis,” he said in a TikTok clip, referring to Anne’s Instagram statistics.

Lifestyle Asia said that the actress-host is one of the “most followed Instagram accounts in Asia” as of February 2023.

Anne has 19.1 million followers on the photo-and-video-sharing platform as of this writing.

“I had no idea who Anne Curtis was,” Shan reiterated in his TikTok clip.

He then described how he met Anne.

“The context on how this interaction happened was that, I was pretty much just going up to strangers, trying to guess their jobs for TikTok, and I literally just went up to Anne Curtis, not knowing who she was, and she was down to do an interview. And what you saw is exactly what happened,” he said.

Shan also thanked the actress for “taking the time to talk” with him that day.

“She was super humble, for all the things that she did. Just gave super down-to-earth vibe and she easily could’ve just blown me off, as I get blown off a lot as a street interviewer here in New York City, but she gave me a few minutes of her day and was super authentic and genuine,” he shared.

The TikToker also gave a shoutout to the local celebrity, adding that he is interested in doing a “part two video” with Anne if she wanted to.

“It was fun making that video. Anne, if you’re watching this, if you ever wanna make a part two video or maybe I go to the Philippines… yeah, just let me know!” Shan exclaimed.

He said that meeting the actress was probably “one of the most serendipitous interactions” he had since living in the Big Apple.

@shanrizwan Replying to @tapameal ♬ original sound – Shan Rizwan

Last April, Anne flew to NYC for the grand opening of the luxury jewelry store Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store. She was spotted with her friend and fellow influencer Heart Evangelista.