‘#JusticeForMarcelito’: Fans accuse Simon Cowell of ‘unfair’ treatment vs America’s Got Talent finalist Marcelito Pomoy

February 12, 2020 - 6:36 PM
Marcelito Pompoy in AGT finals
Filipino singer Marcelito Pompoy sings a rendition of the "Beauty and the Beast" theme song in the finals of "America's Got Talent: The Champions." (Screengrab from America's Got Talent via YouTube)

Fans of Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy from the “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” called for justice by using the hashtag #JusticeForMarcelito on social media as they accuse record executive Simon Cowell of allegedly being unfair to him on his final performance.

The accusations came after a video featuring the singer himself revealed that the “music team” of the British judge-producer chose the song that he performed, which received a cool reception from the critic.

“Meron nang napiling kanta, guys. Pero sila ang pumili talaga, hindi po ako, kasi kung naalala niyo, ‘yung mga comment ni Simon, na ang kinakanta ko lagi ay mga pang-teatro, so gusto niya naman ‘yung mga kakaiba. Maiba naman ‘yung song. Meron na silang isang napili na sabi nila ay kakaiba daw,” Pomoy said.

He admitted to feeling apprehensive over the song that Cowell and his “music team” had allegedly chosen for him and added that all of the songs needed the particular judge’s approval beforehand.

Reports noted that the video has since been removed from Pomoy’s page although saved copies of it surfaced on social media and YouTube.

Simon Cowell is being unfair towards Marcelito Pomoy. #JusticeForMarcelito,” a Twitter user wrote. 

Another user noted that Cowell appeared to be making the “exact same comment” to Pomoy in his semifinal and final performance videos.

“For some reason, they put in the same comment by Simon for both videos, I don’t know why,” the user wrote.

“It’s you, SIMON COWELL, who make that song choice then you didn’t like it? What the F? I feel so bad on Marcelito’s reaction when you are commenting. Once again, I lost my respect (for) you. Here you go again, manipulating the whole thing!! AGT is SCRIPTED!!!” another Twitter user wrote.

Pomoy performed the theme song of the Disney animated film “Beauty and the Beast” in his signature dual voice of a soprano and a tenor on the grand finals of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.”

It impressed the show’s judges except Cowell, who implied that the Filipino should’ve chosen a song that was “something less predictable.”

“The songs he’s chosen were very safe, they’re very kind of… I get it, they’re very popular songs, but I just think on tonight, if he had done something out of his comfort zone, like a shock to everybody, ‘My God, he’s chosen that song,’ that could’ve given you another moment,” Cowell said.

Dual-voice talent 

Marcelito Pomoy is the Filipino contender in the current version of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.” He is known for his ability to perform both parts of a soprano and a tenor in songs.

He first gained recognition for becoming the grand champion in ABS-CBN’s “Pilipinas Got Talent,” a reality singing contest, in 2012.

Pomoy eventually impressed celebrated television host Ellen DeGeneres years after his win and was featured on her show in a 2018 episode.

She described his talent as “thrilling” to witness and even called up famed singer Celine Dion, his favorite performer, about him.

Pomoy later on joined “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” and gained a larger audience when he earned his spot at its grand finals with his dual-voice ability that easily made him a crowd favorite.

Last week, he thanked his fans for their outpour of support and said that he was “claiming” the victory.

The winner of the current edition of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” will be announced next Monday, Eastern Standard time.