The Itchyworms releases stop-motion music video to kick off their 25th anniversary

July 8, 2021 - 7:02 PM

To mark their 25th anniversary, the Filipino rock band “The Itchyworms,” launched an animated music video of their song “The Life I Know.”

The official video was directed by the band’s former manager Marie Jamora and Jason McLagan. It follows the story of Awit, a toddler who begins to understand her place in the world as she gets more independent from her mom.

Awit became distant from her mother when she conceived another child. But later on, “Awit realizes that she needs to accept her new baby brother in order to reconnect once again with her mother,” Jamora said.

“I didn’t know that seeing Filipino stop-motion characters would bring me so much joy 😭 It’s my 6th collaboration with The Itchyworms in almost 20 years,” the director wrote.

“I’m so happy that it’s a story inspired by my experience as a mother and wondering what Harana was going through while she was inside my belly,” she added.

The Pinoy band also recalled previous collaboration with Jamora during their 15th anniversary concert.

“Ten years ago, we celebrated our 15th anniversary with a concert directed by @marie_jamora. As we celebrate our 25th year, we have a new collaboration with Marie, a short animated film called The Life I Know,” The Itchyworms wrote.

T’Boli Dream Weaver

The “Dream World” presented on the stop-motion short film pays tribute to the dreamweavers of T’Boli Tribe.

Cami Kwan, the animation director, shared that the team has always wanted to celebrate the tradition of weaving that exists in the country, specifically the textures and patterns in the work of T’Boli Dream Weaver.

The music video release is part of a campaign series that aims to carry on with the legacy of the band as an artist that continues to shape pop-culture consciousness for more than two decades and redefine Pinoy artistry with cross-generational classics.

The Itchyworms is also set to release the 25th anniversary single “Eto Na,” a music video to their title track “Waiting For The End To Start.” —Raheema Velasco

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