‘Class of 2021’: In Pasig, vaccinee roll call turns into… a ‘graduation march’

July 22, 2021 - 1:38 PM

It seems like the city government of Pasig is fond of graduations.

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto on Wednesday reposted Instagram Stories of some of his constituents who managed to take videos of them walking to retrieve their vaccination cards with music associated with the graduation ceremony.

The city chief referred to the event with the hashtag “#VaccinationGraduation.”

Based on the Stories, it was held in Bagong Ilog Elementary School.

“Well-managed kahit inulan nang malakas. Thank you, Pasig!” an Instagram user said in one of the reposted videos.

Another user commended the announcer who is giving back the filled-out vaccination cards for being “energetic.”

Sotto’s half-brother, LA Mumar, also “graduated” and was congratulated by the former.

“Happy graduation, congrats kuy @lamumar,” the city chief wrote in one of the videos he reposted.

Mumar previously gained traction after he was commended by social media users for waiting for his turn to be vaccinated rather than jumping the line due to his familial connections to Sotto.

The basketball coach pointed out that one needs to “hold on” to their values more “when things are difficult.”

In COVID-19 vaccination drives, the last step is retrieving one’s vaccination card that has been filled out and processed by the local government unit after the inoculation itself.

Before this, the vaccinee usually waits for his or her name to be called out by personnel.

The vaccination card serves as proof that the individual has received his or her doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This can also be presented to some establishments which offer discounts or promos to those who have received their doses.

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Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the city government of Pasig has turned ordinary events into “graduation ceremonies.”

Last year, it sent off recovered COVID-19 patients from their quarantine facility with a full ceremony, complete with certificates and photo opportunities.

As of July 13, the city has fully vaccinated 100,000 eligible Pasigueños from the A1 (healthcare workers) to the A5 (indigents) priority group.

It has also begun to roll out single-shot Johnson&Johnson COVID-19 vaccines to seniors and persons with comorbidities on Thursday.

Based on its COVID-19 monitoring report, the city has 201 active cases as of July 20.

Videos compiled by Philstar.com/Deejay Dumlao