WATCH | Anti Distracted Driving rules go into effect yet again

July 6, 2017 - 11:45 PM
Violation ADDA
Motorist caught red-handed using his mobile phone while driving along Quezon Avenue.

In the face of public reminders to the point of nagging and the stop-and-lurch implementation of the so-called anti distracted driving rules, the traffic management authority resolutely put the regulations into effect.

Still, despite the public awareness drives, numerous motorists were apprehended Thursday, caught in violation of such simple rules as refraining from using handheld gadgets while actively driving – even when the vehicle is stationary.

Traffic constables of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) took the frustrations of dealing with wayward drivers in stride, putting up with but firm-footed in applying the rules in spite of the numerous imaginative ways resorted to by the violators in handling their gadgets, chiefly mobile phones.

Some did not bother to conceal or camouflage their actions. They simply went ahead with the outlawed habit using their mobile phones outright, in full view.

Many did not escape the sharp camera lenses deployed by MMDA in implementing the rules and regulations of Republic Act 10913, which essentially prohibits motorists from calling or texting on their mobile phone or other devices, play games or surf the internet while driving, even when the car is not in motion.

The fines for violations range from PhP5,000 to P20,000, topped by the revocation of the offender’s driving license.

The corresponding vehicles also stand to get impounded, even if they are bicycles or motorcycles or motor carriages.

Personnel of the Land Transportation Office posted themselves along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. One violator got caught, who even had a mobile phone in his hand when apprehended.

He reasoned that he was using the device as a navigation aid using the Wayze mobile application.

He was told that his navigation aids were not taboo, per se, just that they should not be held in the hand and not placed where it could obstruct the driver’s line of sight on the road.

One of the hassles of implementing the rule, said MMDA traffic constables, is dealing with heavily tinted cars where it’s difficult to discern what the driver is up to behind the wheel.

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