WATCH | Bato dela Rosa’s term as PNP chief extended 3 months for ‘special mission’


The term of Philippine National Police (PNP) Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, who is due for retirement this coming January 21, is being extended for three months on orders of President Rodrigo Duterte because he still has a “special mission” to undertake.

Over the longtable traditional “boodle” fight at a Philippine Army event, Dela Rosa was complimenting the delicious food arrayed on top of a long banana leaf underlay: “Lam’e ang sud’an sa Army, ‘noh (Army food tastes great, eh), Sir?”

“O, lami gyud (Yes, indeed, delicious),” President Duterte nodded, before whispering to Dela Rosa’s ear: “Extended ka (You’re extended) hah? Extended.”

This was the way, Dela Rosa related to journalists, he learned about being extended.

Previous to this, Duterte had indicated that Dela Rosa, upon retiring from the PNP, is to become Director of the Bureau of Corrections (Bucor).

But now, with this latest development, it seems the Bucor assignment might have to wait a little while – about three months, as Dela Rosa has an unspecified “special assignment” waiting to be accomplished first.

Declining to spill out the specifics, Dela Rosa merely mentioned that he would have his radar trained on drugs, terrorism, and the rebel New People’s Army. But, as to what the special mission entails, he said he would gladly share the details “after I have achieved it,” adding this: “My accountability is to the President.”

“Bucor,” he said would be another goal “that the President has set for me.”