WATCH | MMDA sidewalk clearing men get canned for physically abusing coconut vendor


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Monday suspended three of its Sidewalk Clearing Operations Group members, pending a full investigation of the mauling incident where they beat up a coconut vendor, identified as Romnick Relos, Friday last week.

A memorandum, signed by MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim, placed under a 15-day preventive suspension the three contractual personnel involved in the incident, which happened on March 2 near the EDSA-Evangelista footbridge (northbound), Pasay City.

MMDA’s contractual roadside clearing men gang up on coconut vendor. Image uploaded to Facebook by Macrino B. Rosauro.

The video clip shows members of roadside clearing group ganging up on the vendor peddling young coconuts during their clearing operation.

The 2:30 minute video clip, posted by netizen Macrino B. Rosauro, went viral over the internet. Click and watch it below:

Jojo Garcia, Acting MMDA General Manager, did not identify the three persons, who were all on job order status, pending a full investigation of the incident.

“We will never tolerate this kind of action for whatever reason from our personnel,” said Garcia, during a press briefing Monday.

Garcia said Lim ordered the MMDA legal department to investigate the incident.

“The SCOG personnel will be accorded due process,” he noted.

Moreover, Garcia said the MMDA will not interfere should the coconut vendor, identified as Romnick Relos, decide to file charges against the MMDA personnel.

“The employees should be responsible for their actions. It is the right of the victim to file a complaint against them. Definitely, the MMDA will not interfere or help them in anyway,” said Garcia.

The MMDA will also subject three personnel to a drug test.

Garcia said the MMDA is not against vendors trying to earn a living for their families but they have to confine themselves at appropriate areas where they are allowed to sell their products.