#ArtForcesPH: Filipino artists raise collective voice for 2019 elections

November 30, 2018 - 7:27 PM
Art Forces of the Philippines
Members of the Art Forces of the Philippines convene in a table. The movement aims to influence people to practice discernment when it comes to the 2019 midterm elections. (Instagram/mark_espina)

Several artists and famous personalities of the entertainment industry called for Filipinos to vote wisely in the 2019 midterm elections through the “Art Forces of the Philippines” movement that seeks genuine change in the Philippine government.

The movement has its own Facebook page that features all of the video messages of local artists who have pledged to be part of the initiative.

Its aim is to encourage Filipinos to practice their voting rights in the elections, as well as urge them to be discerning in their choices of candidates.

It is unknown whether the movement was created by an individual or through the artists’ joint forces but three weeks ago, writer-director Mark Espina shared a picture that had the hashtag “#artforcesPH” and “trueartists” on Instagram.

It appears to be the first post on social media that used the hashtag.

As of the moment, the movement has earned the support of 16 local artists and a co-founder of a non-profit organization.

Joel Saracho

Saracho is a writer and actor known for the movies “Tandem,” “Valiente” and “Salvage.” He also appeared in ABS-CBN’s primetime television drama “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”

Saracho expressed his stance on the right to freedom of expression and the need for it to be supported by an independent Senate.

Yan Yuzon

Yuzon is a writer and musician who is the former guitarist of the local rock band Pupil. He is also the older brother of Yael Yuzon, Karylle’s husband.

Yuzon expressed his stance against extrajudicial killings, the coal power plant project in La Union, political dynasties and corruption in the government.

Marco Morales

Morales is an actor, singer and music producer who expressed his stance against extrajudicial killings, tyranny and the proliferation of “fake news.”

Lav Diaz

Multi-awarded filmmaker and director Diaz, known for creating “Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan” and “Ang Babaeng Humayo,” reminded Filipinos that they have a responsibility to fight for their rights and to stand up against tyrannical forces.

Hazel Orencio

Orencio is an actress who has appeared in independent films produced by Lav Diaz. She stated her stance against corruption in the government and asserted that she would vote for the opposition.

Agot Isidro

Isidro, who is known for being politically vocal in social media, expressed her support for Filipinos to have an equal opportunity in education and health care.

She was once considered a senatorial candidate by the Liberal Party.

Quark Henares

Film director, writer and actor Henares expressed his stance against extrajudicial killings, misogyny, the administration’s lack of assertiveness in the West Philippine Sea dispute and historical revisionism.

Mich Dulce

Former “Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” housemate and fashion designer Dulce shared that she is against misogyny, machismo politicians and extrajudicial killings.

Bodjie Pascua

Former children’s television host and actor Pascua shared that he believes every Filipino has the right to have an honorable, dignified and peaceful way of living.

Jaime Fábregas

Veteran actor Fábregas, known for appearing in “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” shared that he is against the government’s actions towards agriculture workers and noted that he wanted genuine change from the government.

Minco Fábregas 

The younger Fábregas, who is an actor and composer, expressed his support for renewable energy resources and a greener environment.


National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto “Bencab” Cabrera urged everyone to vote for the opposition as he cited that the Filipinos “live in a sad Republic” nowadays.

Bituin Escalante

Singer and stage actress Escalante, who used to be a Duterte supporter, expressed that she supports the rights of women, the Lumad community and the poor.

“We need to vote to protect our institutions. Palakasin po natin ang boses ng oposisyon sa Senado,” she said.


Posted by Bito Aguilos on Thursday, November 29, 2018

Jim Paredes

The musician, who is a vocal supporter of the Liberal Party, stated that he is against the government’s inaction towards protecting the Philippines’ sovereignty rights in the West Philippine Sea dispute.

To be silent makes you an enabler. Feel free to post your own video.

Posted by Jim Paredes on Thursday, November 29, 2018

May Paner a.k.a. Juana Change

Activist-actress Paner expressed that she supports the rights of students, the Lumad community, agricultural workers and women.

“Tumulong, mag-donate, mag-volunteer, makibaka. Ang pagboto ay pagmamahal sa bayan,” she said.

Bart Guingona

The actor and producer stated his stance against cronyism and government corruption, as well as the “elusiveness” of the judicial system in the country.

Daphne Ceniza Kuok 

Kuok, co-founder and board member of the International Care Ministries, shared her stance against President Rodrigo Duterte’s attacks on religion and the clergymen.

Supporters of the movement are expected to rise as Paredes continues to urge local artists to speak out their thoughts on today’s current issues and influence the public to vote wisely.