‘Think before you click’: Kim Molina claps back at Facebook user for disrespectful comment

May 6, 2021 - 11:51 AM
Kim Molina
Kim Molina in this photo uploaded on her official Facebook page on Dec. 17, 2020. (Photo from Facebook/Kim Molina)

Actress Kim Molina reminded social media users that public figures also deserve to be respected online after she and her boyfriend Jerald Napoles called out an online user in the comments section of a Facebook post.

The “#Jowable” star on Wednesday shared a screengrab of a comment aimed at her physical appearance.

“(Bakit) Kim anyare sa mata mo? May (redacted),” the Facebook user wrote.

It has received three angry reactions.

Kim found the comment offensive and Jerald backed her by responding to the Facebook user as well.

“(Redacted) Hoy, girlfriend ko ‘yan. Bakit binabastos mo? Close kayo?! Pwede naman katuwaan, ‘wag lang bastos. Kaya mo ba sabihin sa personal ‘yan?” he wrote.

Kim posted the exchange on her Facebook page and reminded social media users that even though they are public figures, that doesn’t give people leeway to disrespect them online.

“Public figures? Yes. Do we chat comment with our followers? Hindi man kayanin sa lahat pero YES, we try as much as we can. Ganun pa man, hindi ibig sabihin na pwede na kaming bastusin ng ganun ganun lang,” she wrote.

“Be grateful I crossed out your full name. Next time someone acts disrespectful, better unfollow or I WILL CALL YOU OUT. I will not tolerate hate and negative influence on my page. Good vibes lang, bawal bastusan,” Kim added.

She said that it applies to Jerald’s own Facebook page and their joint page “KimJe” as well.

The actress also included the hashtag “#ThinkBeforeYouClick” on her post.


Some Facebook users also showed their support in the comments section.

“Being a public figure doesn’t mean the public owns them… besides… if a public figure is a (comedienne) and posts something, hindi ibig sabihin ay (pwede) ng balahurain… remember lang how you speak about others (reflects) how you speak to your mudra’s (mother),” a Facebook user wrote.

“Go Kim Molina! Laban, idol! ‘Wag mo po palampasin mga ganyan. Social media should serve as a platform to spread good vibes. Not the other way around. In whatever we do, we should always show respect,” another online user wrote.

Last month, another actress reminded online users that social media, freedom of speech and having their own opinions do not give them the “right to be rude to cyberbully.”

“Some of you really need to learn your lesson so be ready for your consequences,” Janella Salvador previously tweeted in response to those who were bashing her son’s physical appearance before.

She also reminded online users to be “be responsible and kind on social media.”

Filipinos continue to lead the world in time spent using social media and the internet as of February 2021.

We Are Social and Hootsuite’s digital 2021 report showed that Filipinos spend an average of four hours and 15 minutes daily on social media.

The global average for social media usage was two hours and 25 minutes.