Kuya Kim grateful for fans’ continued support amid news of network transfer

September 29, 2021 - 6:56 PM
Kuya Kim
Kim Atienza in his YouTube vlog uploaded on Sept. 28, 2021. (Screengrab from YouTube/Kuya Kim Atienza)

Amid the buzz on his network transfer, television host Kim Atienza responded to a fan who expressed continued support for his decision to leave his home network.

Atienza, also fondly known as “Kuya Kim” by the public, was ABS-CBN‘s resident weather anchor in “TV Patrol” for years.

He quote tweeted a Twitter user who responded to another Twitter account that aired disappointment over the host’s network transfer.

“Natuwa kaya si Ka Ernie Baron sa desisyon mo?” the account tweeted, referring to Channel 2’s late resident weatherman Ernie Baron and Atienza’s predecessor.

Twitter user @JD_Drocker saw the post and responded: “Kuya Kim did a great job sa ABS. Let’s be happy na lang kay Kuya Kim. Wala naman masamang tinapay kay Kuya Kim. We will Miss Kuya Kim sa ABS… Ingat na lang lagi, Kuya @kuyakim_atienza and just be happy sa bago mong tatahakin. Lalo mo pang galingan. You will always be a KAPAMILYA.”

The comment was accompanied by a heart emoji.

Atienza saw his tweet and expressed his gratitude to the fan.

“Salamat JD,” he said, quote tweeting the online user.

Atienza has also been “liking” other tweets of fans who are supportive of his move to another network. Some of those he “liked” are the following:

“What?! Kuya Kim transfers to another network? I’m upset (about) the stated news but I think it is for his good and for his family. Thanks for having a trademark in ABS, Kuya. (You’re) always my science teacher and a trivia sharer,” a Twitter user said.

“Sad to know Kuya Kim is transferring to GMA. But the guy has a family to support so we need to respect that,” another online user wrote.

“Let’s respect Kuya Kim’s decision and we should not hate him for it. We all know that if only the network was granted a new franchise, there is a slim chance that he would do this. At the end of the day, Kuya Kim is just another victim of those currently in power,” commented a different Filipino.

GMA Network on Wednesday shared a blurred photo of the personality doing a finger heart gesture popular in South Korea.

Several Filipinos guessed that the “kuya” in the photo is Atienza himself, who has been dubbed as the “Pinoy version” of South Korean actor Gong Yoo, the male lead in 2016 hit K-drama “Goblin.”

The host on Tuesday night also hinted of a “transition” happening in his career soon. He said that he will make the announcement on October 1.

“For those who follow me here on Facebook and YouTube, ‘Kuwentuhan with Kuya Kim,’ remember, a couple of weeks ago, I was… I told you to pray for me because I am in transition. Remember that?” he said in a Facebook live video.

“Transition. What does transition mean? Transition is moving from Point A to Point B. This is what I can say: the transition is real,” Atienza added.

“And I’m sure that after I make the announcement there may be haters, there may be people who will not follow me anymore or will not subscribe to me. I’ll be hearing a lot of negative comments, but that’s okay. People are entitled to feel the way that they want to feel especially now that people are frustrated because of what’s happening in our society,” he further said.

Atienza invited viewers to tune in to “TV Patrol” this coming Friday since it will be a “historical day” for him.

He has been under ABS-CBN for over 16 years and is famous for hosting the educational show “Matanglawin” and delivering weather news reports to Filipinos.

Atienza reportedly has two shows waiting for him on Channel 7.