Nuts over Choc-Nut: Filipino favorite now a sandwich spread

November 27, 2018 - 5:22 PM
Choc-Nut spread
Online store Amarise Sweets announced that it will be selling a sandwich spread of local snack Choc-Nut. (Facebook/Amarise Sweets)

A pastry company will be distributing a sandwich spread version of Filipino favorite Choc-Nut that will soon to be distributed in food bazaars.

Choc-Nut is a small brick-shaped delicacy that has been an iconic snack for Filipinos.

Amarise Sweets, an online store for confections, announced on Facebook that it had partnered with the brand to distribute a Choc-Nut sandwich spread.

Its finally here!!!! We're partnering up with your Filipino Childhood treat! ChocNut just released their newest product…

Posted by Amarise Sweets on Friday, November 23, 2018

For now, it will only be sold in Spectrum Fair Manila in Rockwell Center in Makati city.

While it’s uncertain if it’ll be retailed in other stores soon, Filipinos are still excited to get their hands on the Choc-Nut spread.

Choc-Nut spread reaction
Screenshot by Interaksyon

According to Esquire, the owner of Amarise Sweets is a member of the family that owns the beloved peanut candy.

The spread version is only the first of their upcoming line of Choc-Nut products, which includes mousse and cupcakes.

Crazy for Choc-Nut

Choc-Nut had existed for many years, but not much is known about its history.

It is widely available, from sari-sari stores to groceries, and affordable to many Filipinos as well. Even those overseas still purchase as much of the local chocolate as they can every time they return to the country.

Because if its small size, it has also been used as a flavor or an ingredient in ice creams, cheese cakes and cookies.

Some restaurants, such as the Museum Café in Makati City, serve Choc-Nut-flavored martinis to their patrons.

Its current manufacturer is Annie’s Sweet Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation.

A report in 2013 stated that it had once been owned by a competitor, New Unity Sweets Manufacturing Corporation.

Aside from Choc-Nut, other local brands of this chocolate are Hany, Choco Mani, Choc-o-star and Queen Mani.